ViVI Jewelry Scam? Honest Reviews Reveals the Truth

ViVi Jewelry Formerly Cookie Lee Filed For Bankruptcy

  Without a warning or a message from corporate, ViVI Jewelry has filed for bankruptcy. In the past, top consultants have earned more than $1 million in sales. It is one of reasons why we have published our Business For Home App as distributor you need to be well informed; ViVi jewelry had a B …

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If you lead with the company brand in this generation of MLM, the very first thing your potential customers will certainly do is to Youtube browse your company name. If they do that without them being already sold on working with you as a leader, they will either find negative stuff on the internet about your company or find another upline in ViVI Jewelry to work with.

As a representative, when marketing your ViVI Jewelry opportunity, attraction marketing is exactly what you have to adopt and use. I do believe you need to launch a brand new network marketing profession to your existing contacts. After a launch, the next sensible thing to do is to discover how to market and prospect like a PRO.

Success in the business requires discovering some knowledge beyond exactly what ViVI Jewelry might have offered you. This is the point where we see the distinction between those in business for exactly what they can get from the world versus how they can affect the world. This is where you discover the difference between the average complaining that their upline is not available to babysit them and the champions that takes full ownership in their destiny with ViVI Jewelry .

Just like in countless other MLM opportunities, most ViVI Jewelry reps don’t take the time to read their independent staff member contract. By default, that agreement simply states if you sell, they will certainly pay you. It likewise states ViVI Jewelry can terminate your account if they dim you or your business practices damaging to the company wide goals.

The investment minded rep is the driving force in ViVI Jewelry and the other multi-level marketing companies. In every 30 business partners sponsored into ViVI Jewelry , the desire ought to be 3 or less investment minded reps who become the super stars. The rest of them are opportunity minded people. They are in it for what they can obtain from the world and not what they can provide to the world. This behavior is in fact normal and the very reason you may see some claiming the 95% failure rate in business opportunities such as ViVI Jewelry . It has nothing to do directly with success rate in the opportunity itself; but the entire industry at large.

Is ViVI Jewelry a scam?

This concern comes from a place of fear. There is nothing abnormal with some level of fear as cautionary tool. Let me show you an almost surefire way to know if a business deal is a scam, ponsi scheme or something you ought to run from. If there are no real services being offered that people would spend for even if they were not involved in the income opportunity, then you most likely ought to run.

ViVI Jewelry Reviews:

When you browse on YouTube for ViVI Jewelry reviews, you are probably not going to come across a great deal of sincerity. Google

Lots of people that signs up with a network marketing opportunity such as ViVI Jewelry were invited to a home meeting by a good friend. They are typically people who work at regular jobs without any business development responsibility. It’s as easy as, do the job for 8 hours each day x 5 days a week and pick up a paycheck 2 Fridays after. If you require more money, you simply pick up overtime hours.

In ViVI Jewelry , you will certainly have 2 types of independent representatives. There is the typical rep which consists of about 91 – 96% of the whole company. But there is the leading 1-3 % that make the majority of the money. The lovely aspect of the business model is that each rep can select which of the sectors they wish to be in 6 months from the point of choice. Not just in ViVI Jewelry , but in every network marketing company. The distinction in compensation plan is just not a factor.

ViVI Jewelry is a company that makes use of the multi-level marketing model to distribute its products. This model includes a compensation plan that compensates normal people for introducing the brand to their closest contacts, family. The Network Marketing business model provides as average human being an opportunity to get into the entrepreneurship world.

Among the many reason lots of fail in ViVI Jewelry that you need to avoid is pushing the company’s brand name. Typically when I am talking with an MLM representative when it comes to marketing, they find themselves tippy toeing through business due to the fact that they are afraid of breaking the company guidelines. The only way to break the company policies is by utilizing the company brand. That’s bad marketing for a Network Marketing representative anyway. Therefore there is not a rule that ought to relate to your business practices.

To find out more about the best ways to utilize active with leveraged marketing and prospecting with attraction marketing for your ViVI Jewelry business opportunity, click here.

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