3 Big Mistakes To Avoid in Your Business

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So.. after trying hard for so long with the old school teachings on how to share our opportunity.. Shola and I decided to try out printing flyers and going to distribute at Metropark. If you are familiar with metropark in New Jersey, you know it’s a lot of people between 5PM and 7PM coming off the train.. Lot of Traffic right?

Not only that.. we assumed they must be tired of their job.  Have you ever assumed like that about your family and friends that they must be tired of their job too.  I mean they complain all the time about the boss right???.

Well, just like you found out, they REALLY are not tired.. at least not enough to do what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.  In FACT… You yourself might not be REALLY tired and ready to change your life… think about it.

In our story, we told you that we created $3 Million in our first 24 months in free enterprise.  Don’t you think something had to give within that 24 months. Remember we didn’t have access to all these training and technology that you have access to today.

It’s not as HARD but it takes dedication for at least 90 days non-stop.  If you break just ONE DAY in the middle of these 90 days, then I recommend adding 10 dadditional days for each day that you break.  That 90 days Formula will change your life.

Inside that 90 days is a compressed 35-40 years that you would have spent on a job.  Therefore it’s going to feel like fire.. hell fire.  But wouldn’t you agree that it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. You don’t have to agree.  Shola and I are experiencing the journey and it’s worth it a MILLION times.  You’ve got a life ahead of you of BLISS.

So back to the Metropark Training Station.  We assumed wrong.  Those people coming off the training station are simple tired and not necessarily open to entrepreneurship.  Especially not with strangers that we were.

3 Things…

  1. We were strangers
  2. That activity has ZERO leverage
  3. The Traffic is not that much and UNTARGETED

That 3X Combination = NO VALUE = NO RECRUIT = NO SUCCESS

If you’ve ever recruited anyone with this methodology, it was luck.  Running your business on luck?  You will FAIL.

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4 Comments on 3 Big Mistakes To Avoid in Your Business

  1. Excited for your new product coming out, you guys rock!

  2. Ola, I absolutely loved your training last night. And now I am reading your blog…very fasinating. I actually know where MetroPark is… lol Thank you for the info. And thanks for the tip on Wonder Wheel. Great stuff!

  3. Thanks for the great post, as always. Keep em coming.
    All the best.

  4. Great story and great video. You guys are definitely an inspiration for the rest of us.

    Success in this industry is reserved for the people who are willing to pay the price and follow a plan. You guys did that and that’s why you are successful today.

    Thanks for the great post.


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