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confused atraction marketer

Shola, my brother, made a statement yesterday on his facebook wall. Here it goes:

"The choice of branding and Your pocket is a false Choice….."

confused atraction marketer

He took that statement right out of my mouth. We actualy did have a conversation earlier on in the day. It has to do with a whole bunch of "confused attraction marketers" that are all over the market place right now.

I am sure you’ve seen them. You ‘googled’ you company name and SHAZZAM.. about 500 of them pop up. Because you did some extra research, you found out they are trying to sell you the same system.

By the way, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that. This post is more for you if you are one of the "confused attraction marketers. What I want to do is take a few seconds to break down Shola’s statement.

"The choice of branding and Your pocket is a false Choice….."

"YOU INC" and "Branding You" has TRULY become total B.S. It LITERALLY just went in the same box as the ‘duplication’ bull crap for 99.9999% of "so called" attraction marketers.

Here is the problem with mankind. We always want to turn everything to a "darn" religion. You start a practise and you totally forget the bottomline reason why you got into it. It could also be a simple saturation which is in-evitable in all things.

If you are practising "Attraction Marketing", be clear that the rules for creating "profitability" does not change. Part of that rule is multiple streams of incomes. Your primary company that you promote get to occupy one spot (income stream).

"What ha happened was" ..

…a student of mine pointed me to a post where ONE of the confused "attraction marketers" out was literally calling "multiple streams of income" distractions. The first thing that came to my mind was …

"what is he smoking?"

He didn’t stop there.. he continued to insinuate that "attraction marketing" is equivalence of goin broke online because you want to brand yourself. Total BS!

First of all, that’s not attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is simply serving people that already wants to be served. You can also define it as "appearing like magic with a solution that directly corresponds to someone’s problem.

All we do is teach you how to bring that down to "science". It does involve some branding but here is where they miss it. the brand you are marketing or that you are building to market does not have to be your face.

Word on the street is "brand myself my arse… I want to run a successful and profitable business… PERIOD.. POINT BLANK SPACE…… SPACE.

In fact, equating "branding" with the stupid "YOU INC" (i.e your face) can directly take money out of your pocket. Hence "The choice of branding and Your pocket is a false Choice….."


I am going to have to explain that another day. For now….

Watch This Video, There Are Some Hints in it…

"Let’s lock arms together and fight the forces of evil all the way to the Bank…"

~Ola & Shola | The M!L.M Brothers ~




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