MLM Lead Generation 21st Century Tactics Revealed

We all know that MLM leads are the heart and soul of your MLM Business. MLM lead generation is the most important skills set that you must learn in order to be a top income earner in your MLM business. You must know and master the science of MLM lead Generation. I am calling it Science for a reason. It can be learned. It is not some magical ability that people are born with.  It is a simple as ABC. On this post, I will cover some fundamentals of MLM Lead Generation and how you can start generation 50 to 400 leads every day now. Imagine how fast your MLM business if you are currently showing your company’s presentation to 20 people every day.

MLM Lead Generation Origin.

Just for a little background here. When you join your MLM business, you were probably asked to write down 100 names of your warm market. These are your first set of MLM Leads. For a new person in the business, they are somewhat your best leads of prospects to work with. This is NOT MLM Lead Generation. Off course, your upline possibly came to your house to conduct your PBR for you. If you are someone with enough reputation and credibility before, you probably recruited few people into your business that day and basically start a momentum into your business.

If you are like most people (including, you probably did not recruit a single person into your business. As a matter of fact, you couldn’t even feel your house with your own family and friends. This is not your fault really. The same thing happens to about 95% of people in the industry. Here is the truth though; the momentum for those that had successful PBR or home meeting will stop. This is inevitable. So there comes the need for MLM Lead Generation.

Generating Leads: Buy leads

This is usually the next option for those who are still in the business after the momentum stops. Should you buy leads of people seeking a business opportunity? I called these people the opportunity seekers. The answer to that question is NO. It is not like they don’t work. They do work. However this form of MLM leads are “seekers”. For the most part they are not doers. These folks are not your ideal prospects. You need leads of people who are doers. You need MLM leads of people who are business saggy and will understand that this is a business. I will not advise you spend money on buying leads because you might spend the rest of your energy on babysitting.

MLM Lead Generation:Offline

As the name implies, this form of MLM Lead generation is done offline.  There are many ways you can generate leads offline.  One of the obvious ways is through sign banners. There are cheap places you can order these banners. On these banners you will have to effectively write a strong ad copy that will prompt the interested people passing by to actually call the number or go to a website that you put on the board. This is probably the oldest MLM Lead generation tactic. The secret is to have people calling you about your business opportunity. This already put you in the position of authority.

Another Type of offline MLM Lead generation is through Flyers. I can tell you now that this is still done by people and somewhat effective if you don’t mind doing the labor. Again it comes down to the ad copy that you put on the flyers. And your call to action must be on point. Put the flyers at high traffic areas where you know people will see it including on cars at the mall if you don’t mind the labor. But who says you have to do it by yourself?

The absolute best offline MLM lead generation tactics is through the 100 Dollar Bill Drop Cards . As the name implies this is usually a $100 Look alike.  On it you will put your ad copy and you must tell people what number to call or website to go to. You have to strategically place this at where people will see it. And as you can guess, people will pick it up and look at it. Even if they drop it, another person will pick it up.

MLM Lead Generation

MLM Lead Generation: Online (Preferred)

This is 21st century way of MLM Lead generation. Yes, this is on the internet. Leverage the internet. The online MLM lead generation process involves

  • Traffic
  • Capture page where you will collect your prospect’s name, Phone number and most importantly their email address.
  • Marketing Funnel to monetize the lists
  • Your MLM Business

MLM Lead Generation: Traffic

This involves driving traffic of hot and targeted traffic of people to your capture page. This is a simple but comprehensive topic. This can be divided into two.

Paid Traffic

In this case, you will pay for having your advertisement in front your targeted crowd.  The most popular of this type of MLM lead Generation traffic driving mechanism is Google Ad-words Pay per Click (PPC). This used to be hot. As a matter of fact, most of these Gurus that you see online started with Google PPC because it was much easier at that time to set up Google AD. However time has changed. FTC is watching and cracking down on Google. As a result of that, it is almost impossible to have a sustained campaign on Google because they are concerned about “Make Money Quick” related issues. Most of the Gurus that you see online already have their account shut down.

Another type of paid media that you have to consider is Facebook Pay per Click.  This is the little ads and images that you see on the MLM Lead Generationright side of your screen when browsing on Facebook. This is relatively new and hot. You can target specific crowd of people who are following specific people or have specific interests in specific age range and at specific locations. You can use this to drive traffic to your capture page outside of Facebook or on your Facebook fan Page.  As I said, this is hot right now in MLM Lead Generation.

Other types of Paid Traffic

You can use banner advertisement on high traffic sites to drive traffic to your capture page. This will take constant testing and optimization. There is also YouTube PPC. You can also do Pay Per View. As the name implies, you will get charged some cents whenever your ads pop on when people are on some sites that you will specified. You can also by classified Ezine ads.

To be frank and sincere, paid media is the only way to pretty much make lots of money in the MLM niche online. But you must have some money to invest in constant testing and optimization. This is science. Some campaigns will be profitable while some will not be profitable. The secret is to eliminate the bad campaigns and focus more on better optimization of the profitable campaigns.  This is real business and you have to spend money on advertisement and marketing.

Free Traffic Or Organic Method.

When it comes to MLM Lead Generation, this is where you should start off with if you don’t have money to invest in paid traffic techniques. I will just broadly categorize this as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The word Free Traffic can be misleading. However it is not really free because you will have to invest in some tools to make your life easy too. The only common wealth principle is leverage. You have to leverage some tools.

Article marketing is a form of Organic method. Write articles and submit the articles to top article directories that have lot of traffic.  The goal is to give your readers directions to go to your capture page.  You can also have your own website where you write these articles. This is clearly better because that is your website. You own the content 100%.  Off course you have to promote your post by means of SEO. This is a different monster on its own.

Another usually overlooked ways of driving traffic in the MLM lead generation context is Video Marketing. As a matter of fact, you will get the best MLM leads from Video. This is because the viewers already are more familiar with you. YouTube is the third most visited website after Google itself and Facebook. Get a small HD video recorder. Give people value on video and post it on YouTube and other video sites. Consistency is the key here.

Capture Page

There is where your traffic will come to. The idea here is to give them something for free in exchange for their information. Give them a free ebook. It could also be a free training on how to recruit. Give people value. Once they are attracted to you. They will opt in to your list. Do not talk about your MLM Company. To be frank, nobody cares. Give them value FIRST. Pick up the phone and call your MLM leads and build relationship with them. Online or offline, the concept of Network Marketing is still the same. Connect with your prospects. Send them series of email that will have them warmed up to you. Let it be majorly free training and values. Occasionally promote whatever valuable products either they are your product or not. This way you can get paid even when people do not join your MLM business. This is just a quick explanation of online MLM Lead Generation.

MLM Lead Generation Leverage

As I mentioned, the ONLY wealth principle is leverage. You must know how to leverage other people’s effort.  No one is a superman. You cannot get rich by yourself. This is where the concept of system comes into play. To fully capitalize on the internet and the traffic online, you need an online lead generation system. This is otherwise called an Attraction Marketing system. An Attraction Marketing system is first of all a training portal. I am talking about hundreds of hours of training on MLM lead generation, recruiting, prospecting, selling, leadership, marketing etc.

An Attraction Marketing System will also give you a built in customizable capture pages, emails, ad copies, etc. This will take you months and thousand of dollars to really learn, test and implement just in case you want to do them by yourself. However, an Attraction Marketing system already has most of this done for you. The owners of my recommended system, My Lead System Pro, have spent thousands of dollars in building the system.  When it comes to MLM Lead Generation, My Lead System Pro is a must.

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  1. Steven Schmeltzle // April 22, 2011 at 11:15 pm //

    Great post, Ola! Thanks for sharing MLM Lead Generation 21st Century Tactics Revealed! I can’t wait for your next post !

  2. Hi Ola,

    Super comprehensive breakdown here.

    Using organic methods to drive traffic helps to establish your authority. Blogging, article marketing and creating videos forces you to research, to learn your craft insight out. Establish expertise and prospects will become attracted to you.

    Thanks for sharing Ola!


  3. Piyush Patel // April 23, 2011 at 5:52 pm //

    Wow, awesome stuff Ola! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ola, Well said! It’s great to see someone sharing this valuable knowledge.

  5. Packed full of great content… Keep up the good work guys 😀

  6. Good job on this post! Glad you shared this

  7. Great content Ola & Shola. Really appreciate such value. Makes visiting you website worthwhile. 🙂

  8. Your right, you can’t become successful by yourself. You need mentors and a system, or systems to use leverage. I’m also in MLSP, it’s a great system and I highly recommend it. I’m also a fan of Blog Commenting, book marking sites and pod casts as ways to create organic traffic. There are a number of free tools people can use to take advantage of these methods.

  9. Another great article Ola. The network marketing business is forever changing and if you look closely at the GURU’s of yesterday that were big on Google Par Per Click, guys like Johnathan Budd and such who were spending 30 thousand dollars a month in advertising, are now terning their efforts to online free methods of mlm lead generation. Why, your right many of the GURU’s have had their Google acct shut down but because they are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs never give up, they are learning form Pros like you how to get their content to go VIRAL and viral content is better than any PPC any day of the wk just look at what guys like David Wood and you are doing and you see what I mean. So many people complicate the network marketing industry. I am not a guru but I can tell you from my 25 + yrs of owning traditional brick and mortar type businesses, this is not hard stuff, and anyone can do it as long as they have the right mindset. This thing of ours is the easiest, cheapest business to get into with the highest potential of return on investment…. Once you have the right mindset it’s only a matter of learning some skills and then concentrating on doing the fundamentals….If you want to learn all 3 Mindset Skills and Fundamentals and more, There is no one else who delivers more than the MLM brothers…. your on the right page…. Long post but SeYa Monday night on our wk-ly training..Thanks Bart N.

  10. When it comes to MLM Lead Generation. I think one of the biggest challenges for network marketers is we get so caught up with trying to master all these cool strategies that help generate traffic, you got ppc, video marketing, facebook marketing, you have article marketing, and much much more…. As bart, said this stuff really isn’t hard, you just need to have the right mindset. The right mindset in my opinion is to pick one strategy and master that and then moving on… I love what you said about the common wealth principle being leverage, thank you for sharing…

  11. Thanks for the excellent post about MLM Lead Generation. It seems to me that this is core of MLM Success that most people dont pay attention. Once You focus your attention on the art of MLM lead generation, you could then turn the attention on learning to turn that lists into customers.

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