MLM Sponsoring Through Self Branding – 100% No Excuse

Watch this video and apply IMMEDIATELY to your MLM Sponsoring endeavours.  It’s a little GRAPHIC but get over it… lol.

MLM Sponsoring is a task that seems most difficult for marketers  because they don’t GET what this gentleman is saying in this VIDEO.  The reason is very simple and falls in 2 categories but yet, KIND OF the same thing.

  1. You are doing what everyone else is doing and not what only YOU can do–Branding YOU.
  2. You have NO VALUE that is AT LEAST perceived as value by your prospect.

The reason why I said they are kind of the same thing is simply because the NUMBER 1 value you can bring to the table that no else can bring is YOU.  If your prospect see you branded as a UNIQUE leader, they are more interested in you.  PEOPLE WANT LEADERSHIP.  If they see you selling a generic opportunity through a generic replicated website given to you by your company, you are losing points already.  You are JUST another follower as far as they are concerned.

They are saying in their mind..


This video is a video… the kind that I haven’t stumbled upon in a while– TRUE ANALOGY of how MLM Sponsoring can be so easy using a self branded funded proposal that positions you as a leader that SOLVES problem rather than putting your existing problem on others.

This is what I mean…

If you don’t know how to sponsor effortlessly, generate endless leads and make money in multiple streams like a funded proposal will help you do, then you probably will fool or BEG 1 or 2 people, family and friends per month into the business.  You are JUST creating more problems by sponsoring people into MLM that way.  Problems for you and the new rep.

Here is the SECRET

Self branding, list building (unlimited lead generation), relationship building with the list on autopilot, multiple stream of income inside an automated sales funnel and MLM sponsoring effortlessly is ALL AUTOMATED in an online funded proposal.  Guaranteed 100%.  How BIG is your desire to start doing the thing you love doing in life?

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10 Comments on MLM Sponsoring Through Self Branding – 100% No Excuse

  1. Great video! I love it when someone has passion for what they do. This business is all about mindset and when people get that then they will have a change in their life and in their business.

  2. Seriously? Give me a break.

  3. Don’t believe that winning is really everything. It’s more important to stand for something. If you don’t stand for something, what do you win?While there is one untrodden tractFor intellect or men are free to think and act,Life is worth living.

  4. Hey Bro that was a really great video you have some really good information here on your Blog I have booked marked it

  5. Thanks for this article. There are definitely tips in here that I will use.

  6. Thanks for the interesting content!!!

  7. Great post, I think the key is to have more desires than excuses. Thanks again

  8. Best Post yet man,That video was great, This guy reminds me of my grandmother. She use to say cut the comedy, which meant stop all the crap and just go do what you know you got to do. MLM sponsoring can be difficult for many MLM’rs, but if you hear what this guy guy is saying, Cut the crap, there is only one of you, get to work and make it happen. Create your own niche and just be you.

  9. It is all about self branding, nothing less. This is why the top earners in the MLM industry are not going around pitching anyone. Because they are branded already. Thanks for a great MLM Sponsoring post.

  10. Ola & Shola // December 5, 2011 at 11:36 am //

    Thanks for Stopping by Johnson. This is what MLM Sponsoring all about. Branding yourself as a leader.

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