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My name is Ola. I am one of the MLM Brothers. I am one of the leaders in MyLeadSystemPRO. Who else would you wanna get the answers to your question about the system from other than someone using it successfuly? That’s why I brought this series of 40 Questions and answers. i will be releasing the series over the next 40 days from this point that I created this post.

Before I forget, if you sign up for My Lead System PRO using this link, you will be getting $500 worth of bonueses called the Network Marketing 2.0 bonus pack for free. It has the book itself, downloadable audio CD, DVD Quality videos and it also include a 2 part Basic blogging course with a free membership to the NM 2.0 membership area. There is no strings attached. This bonus package will allow you to learn 21st century Network Marketing strategies. I wanted to point that out really quickly before we get started.


My Lead System PRO Review Question 1:

How do I ad capture page to my fan page?

Answer: You are probably asking this question either as an existing member or may be not. When you sign up for MyLeadSystemPRO, by deafault you are sign up for the Platinum edition which comes with an application that allows you to build capture pages of about 10 different designs at the push of about 2 or 3 buttons.

I actually demonstrated this in the embedded video. If you are already a member, what you want to do is login to you My Lead System PRO member’s area and go under the menu “My Website” and you will see “facebook application”. This is where you can set this up.

There are also trainings on how to set this up PLUS you can get LIVE online chat help from the support to help you with that. It is very simple. You don’t have to start mastering FBML language or iframe.

My Lead System PRO Review Question 2: Ad Copies and PPC

I’m new with MLSP and PPC ads. Are there examples of Ad Copy and targeted keywords that have been successful for people available to reference? Also, Google and Facebook keep taking my ads down due to my url links not matching the landing pages. I’m not sure how to get around this issue.

Answer: Well, let me answer this question one after the other. First of all, are there ad copies. Absolutely there are ad copies available in My Lead System PRO (MLSP).

Really, if you understand the whole idea of attraction marketing, you are leading with value first. Ad copies for me personally, I don’t think it’s that complicated. But then also, I understand it can be made complicated because a lot of people feel like shit needs to be complicated before they can believe in it.

Ad copies is literally knowing the kind of emotions and questions going through the head of your prospects and knowing how to address them. You simply want to start ad copy from the question “How can I help you?” This is a great way to start looking into ad copies.

Inside MyLeadSystemPRO, you will be given scripts. There is absolutely no doubt about that. At the end of the day, that is not going to help you. The key to successfully using script and ad copies from the MLSP back office is to truly understand the concept behind how they are structured and constructed.

Good news is that there is training inside MLSP on these concepts of creating copies or may I say cloning them from the ones given to you by the attraction marketing system. It is a plus to have existing ones to practise with.

When it comes to “targeted keywords”, good keyword phrases are company review or reviews. That’s the most popular and it works all the time. Think about it; someone is looking for company reviews on their home company or an MLM company they are trying to decide to join or not.

For example “Amway reviews“. There are quite a few IBO’s/reps in Amway that are probably struggling and reevaluating just like in any MLM company right? For a fact, over 90% of the industry are struggling so they’d want to see other people’s opinions about their company.  BINGO! they land on your published content.

Also, some are simply looking to join, someone already invited them to a home meeting and they are ready to join but just doing a little bit of research. When you target keyword company names suffix with the word “review or reviews”, it generats lots of traffic if you rank for them.

Company names suffix with the word “scam” will invite lots of skeptical people. You can go after them to funnel in lots of traffic and of course there are usually a lot more number of searches as negative attracts more than positive. Just understand that it takes a little bit more work to convert these scam oriented prospects that this keyword phrase attracts.

Many times, they are not buys. They are simply researching contents that will justify their already made decisions that they are not buying or joining anything. On the other hand, “review”, “training”, “success” suffix are positive popular keywords you can go after. Sometimes they are just on the fence or in already. Example: “amway review”, “amway training”, “amway success”.

DISCLAIMER: This article doesn’t replace a proper keyword research as being taught inside many My Lead System PRO training recordings.

As for getting around getting slapped on Facebook and/or Google PPC, learn the skill set that it takes to market on Google. There are trainings in the back office. However, in the “make money” niche, there are certain challenges that are on-going on Google PPC. They are protecting their own ass as FTC is on them too.

Anything that has to do with promising people that they will make money or related to that in any way can be pulled down anytime even if it’s allowed on at all. Inside MLSP there are ton of other traffic generating strategies that’s not Google PPC such as Search Engine Optimization which can be outsourced, Facebook PPC which is still easier, Social Media Marketing, Solo Ads and many more.

On Facebook PPC, you might not want to send traffic to landing pages outside of Facebook.  Instead, send them to a Facebook fan page which you can use to collect leads with a capture page. My Lead System PRO comes with a fan page custom builder as demonstrated in the video at the top. Tests has also shown that traffic is a lot cheaper when sent to Facebook fan pages.

My Lead System PRO Review Question 3: Traffic Generation

Any suggestions on alternative places for marketing MLSP sales funnels outside social media networks?

Answer: Well, if you don’t know what social media is, we are talking about facebook, twitter, youtube, myspace etc. Absolutely there are other ways to get traffic and I think I have mentioned that over and over again.

There is Facebook PPC which is social network but not exactly. It is more of PPC (Pay Per Click) and/or paid media traffic source. If you use the facebook PPC, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is optimizing your page with best practices for ranking in the search engines. There is also something we call PPV, which we will come up with training for very soon.

  • Ezine Solo Ads
  • Viral URL (List Builders) which is available in the My Lead System PRO back office.

Just understand that My Lead System PRO (MLSP) is both a training and marketing platform. It’s a sales funnel/funded proposal as well. That means you will still need to learn how to generate traffic through the system. The job of the system is to help you filter tire kickers out.

You will never have to answer questions like “is this a scam?” , “is this one of thos e pyramid schemes. The system would have filtered them out so that you can focus your time and effort on prospecting HOT prospects. NOT JUST WARM MARKET… the HOT MARKET. A ton traffic generation training is in the back office of MyLeadSystemPRO.

My Lead System PRO Review Question 4: Countries To Target

If you wanted to market MLSP to any specific country, how might you go about it?

Answer: First of all, the point of My Lead System PRO is so that you can market your business globally. However to target a particular country, there are ways to go about it. We’ve tried and tested it in the past and I gotta tell you that it isn’t worth the energy. My suggestion is to focus on the global community and whatever is converting is converting.

From our experience, My Lead System PRO and other online marketing sales convert more in 4 countries than any other place and that’s United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. When you come on the internet to market with My Lead System PRO, your content can be reached from every corner of planet earth–Every nook and cranny.

If you are stubborn, you can buy a domain with ccTLD of the country you are trying to target. For example, we bought at one point that we were testing. “.ca” is the ccTLD for Canada. Such sites tend to rank better in that country–Canada. However “.com” is recognized across the world.

Also, when marketing in PPC (Pay-per-click) on facebook and any other platform, you can GEO target your ad into locations and there are training in the My Lead System PRO back-office. Just so you know, My Lead System PRO is only available in English Language. Word on the street is that they are working on other languages. When I say the planet, I meant English speaking individuals and countries ONLY.

My Lead System PRO Review Question 5: Primary Business Opportunity Positioning

When you direct people into a mlsp funnel, how do you make the transition to your primary business opportunity? I am new to MLSP. I realize that my funnel has 3 steps after they optin and the 3rd one is exposing them to your primary business opportunity, but how do you get your primary business opportunity in front of them? I do call leads that opt-in already, but would like to get MLSP opt-ins in sync with my existing aweber series for my primary business opportunity.

Answer: There are many ways to position your primary opportunity when using My Lead System PRO to build your business. There is a STEP-BY-STEP tutorial inside My Lead System PRO to help you with that.

By default, you are offering VALUE FIRST when people sign up with My Lead System PRO. They are either looking to generate more leads and/or make more money by bringing their existing or new business online. You were there somehow some way to show them the way.

Unless this particular is not serious about making a fortune in the marketing business, there is NO way they won’t want to find out about your business. It is natural for the right QUALITY of prospects to want to find out because that’s how people become successful. By finding out what the successful does. That will be the number 1 way prospects are exposed to you primary business opportunity when you lead with value using My Lead System PRO. They would usually ask and your job is to answer them.

Another way to expose your business opportunity is to use the exposure to teach them the right way to present business opportunities in the Attraction Marketing Model. They watch your presentation or your uplines presentation inside the strategic positions in My Lead System PRO funnel and they are automatically exposed. Simply allow them to decide. Even while prospecting, your job is to ask questions that will make them decide to join or NOT. The beauty of My Lead System PRO kicks in here too. If they don’t join, you still make money by leading with value.

Lastly, they get exposed in one of the first few steps while setting up their personal My Lead System PRO profile. The system does that for you. Remembers it is a funded proposal a.k.a sales funnel. Your job is too simply make sure that your company and products are attractive to as many people as possible.

There are 4000+ companies in Network Marketing and some companies are simple not attractive to some people. For example, it will be fairly hard to get an investor on wall street to sell soap and vitamins with you. May be NOT! You will be the judge as My Lead System PRO will allow you to test all those thing with the training and marketing platform.

All marketers should have facility like My Lead System PRO to test these kinds of numbers. It also depends on where your traffic is coming from as not all traffic are created equal. At the end of the day, every company is attracted to someone just like every woman is attracted to some man out there. The key is that you need enough exposure which where internet marketing as My Lead System PRO teaches come in.

Another thing I want to share with you in the My Lead System PRO review is that the system allow you to customize your own auto-responder in addition to the fact that they have professionally written 20-30 one ready for you. I demonstrated this in video above. You can add your own series to it. My own thing is that if you are new in the system, why would you want to re-invent the wheels when you could jump and start getting results? but in anyway, you will learn inside the marketing boot-camp of the system how to customize and test all the way to the bank.

My Lead System PRO Review Question 6: PopUp Domination/Lead Generation

Can we use the MLSP campaigns as a free opt-in offer in our blog, for example on PopUp Domination? Thanks a million!

Answer: Hmm.. PopUp Domination is a tool that we use collect leads into My Lead System PRO funnel. Most likely, on of those popped up a few seconds after you landed on this page. We show you inside the video how it works.

That last paragraph now makes the answer very obvious. Yes you can edit the optin form code that you dump in PopUp Domination to funnel your leads directly into you My Lead System PRO sales funnel. However, step-by-step of how to do that is beyond the scope of this article. Your My Lead System PRO referring affiliate should be able to help you with that whe you sign up.

You can can also copy and past the optin code directly from you MLSP capture page as demonstrated shortly in the video. There are certain codes that are designed to ensuring easy parsing of your leads from third party tools like PopUp Domination directly into My Lead System PRO.

Again, the whole beauty in My Lead System PRO is that you can customize anything, literally. You can pimp out the system as you desire. If you go straight to our bootcamp which an SEO/Attraction Marketing training boot-camp by clicking here, you will never find that layout and design among tens of thousands of members that already My Lead System PRO.

My Lead System PRO Review Question 7: Google PPC Issues

I’m brand new and am having trouble with Google PPC allowing my My Lead System PRO (MLSP) lead capture as my landing page. Not sure what I’m doing wrong?…

Answer: Really, you are not doing wrong. What Google doesn’t want is anything related to make money online niche. They are heavily cracking down on them.

One of the major problems also is that everyone thinks Google is almighty and the only way to get traffic. That’s too far from the truth as there are tons of other ways to get traffic into you My Lead System PRO funnel–even from other Google sources that’s not necessarily PPC.

When you are dealing with PPC, you have to understand that you will also have to deal with their fear of the ‘FTC’ cracking down on them. So you might get slapped even before you get on as they are trying to protect their own ass from ‘FTC’.

Anytime you SEEM like you are promising some that they will be making some kind of income, your account is exposed to getting banned forever. Never mind the fact that My Lead System PRO has all the right disclosure in place. I personally have seen companies get in trouble even with disclosures. There are knockle heads who will simply come into a My Lead System PRO and not understand that their success still depends on them.

If you want to try and build your own optin capture pages, there are simple tools like Optimize Press or you can pay someone to take of that for you. There are also trainings in the back end of My Lead System PRO for stuff like this.

The major problem is not with MLSP capture pages, it’s with the industry. The problem however is already solved as there are other source of traffic out there. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization which is getting free traffic from Google without even paying a dime.

It takes more time. as you should know already, it’s either you spend time or money on this thing. You can also out source your Search Engine Optimization work at This is the service we provide and we can get all you monthly Search Engine Optimization work done for you for a little monthly subscription fee.

My Lead System PRO is not the problem. The problem is “Make Money” niche. Google doesn’t want to take responsibility for that. There are other sources of traffic like search engine optimization and even other paid traffic sources. just understand that you are either going to pay money or time when it come to making money in any industry on planet earth.

If you’ve got time to spend on Search Engine Optimization, there are free trainings in the My Lead System PRO back office or if you got money you can use services.

My Lead System PRO Review Question 8: Self or Pre-Built Capture Pages

would you recommend building a capture page of our own, if we have the ability, and linking it into the system… just be a little different..?

Answer: I don’t recommend to build your own capture pages if you are brand new inside My Lead System PRO. After setting up the system, why not? You are pretty much creating a stronger brand for yourself.

That is part of the beauty of My Lead System PRO. You can learn more skill set, get creative with your thing and ideas and integrate into the system itself.

However, remember that most people are new online and you do want to keep things as simple as possible while you teach them what you know. They will need My Lead System PRO because it breaks everything down into the simplest form. Make sure you are a member of My Lead System PRO so that you can profit from their activities.

For first timers in online marketing, My Lead System PRO is the perfect place to get start. Let’s be clear. Most people will never be able to build a capture page by themselves. The system has everything pre-built for them and that’s part of the beauty.

My Lead System PRO Review Question 9: Use Primary Website or NOT

I’m new to MLSP and network marketing. I have my primary website, or should I build my own website to send my campaigns to for generating MLSP leads? Do you need money for a website or can I build it myself for free?

Answer: First of all, congratulations for joining My Lead System PRO. Let me address the first question. Your primary company website is only good for your company as a whole but not for individuals like you. Let me explain.

Assuming there are 18,000 reps in your company and only 3 out of every 100 is optin-ing into the page that your company provide, that’s thousands of leads. Whereas if you just understand that you are marketer and you need to increase conversion (both leads and sales) through continuous testing, you will get it.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this with your company provided site but you can with the infrastructures that comes with My Lead System PRO. Your company doesn’t need to increase conversion as they are marketing through you guys for free. Word of Mouth. However as an individual who is determined to win and increase and monitor these numbers, all I want to tell you now is congratulations again.

Most of the company websites are around maybe 1-2% lead conversion and that sucks. If you can build landing pages and you are that technical that’s fine. I don’t bother much with that as My Lead system PRO makes it simple as demonstrated in the video.

If you are a Network Marketer, BE CLEAR that you are a marketer and you deserve to be a professional marketer. You need to know those numbers. My Lead System PRO will help you track every single one of them.

Secondly, you want to focus on creating a brand for your self. Your primary company has a brand already and chances are the brand is not helping you since you are reading this article now. This is the more reason why you do not want to use the company logo infested sites.

People are going to join you and not companies. People are attracted o working with you and not companies. Self branding is demonstrated a little bit more in the video above.

As per the last question, here is the truth. You will either spend money or time on your business. you can pay My Lead System PRO a little fee and not have to worry about coding up technical stuff or you can start investing heavy time in to learning html and javascripts. Bottom line is that you have to do one of the 2.

My Lead System PRO Review Question 10: MLM Lead Generation

I’ve been with MLSP almost a month, and I haven’t generated any leads….what am I doing wrong? I don’t have a list nor do I have an email list.

Answer: Absolutely! You are doing something wrong. Let’s just be clear that My Lead System PRO is a training and marketing platform. In other words, they will train you on how to drive traffic through it as a sales funnel system. The system will filter the tire kickers out for you.

With the system, you will never have to deal with ignorant (NOT STUPID) questions like “is this a scam?” “is this one of those pyramid schemes?” You won’t have to deal with crap like that as they are filtered out. But understand that you still need to drive traffic through it.  My Lead system PRO is always on top of the best traffic generation training such as Traffic Graviator and many others.

There are trainings on wednesday webinars and also in the back office of MLSP. Not just on your MLM company, but on anything you will ever sell for the rest of your life. You will learn how to drive hungry and targeted prospects to any product and services.

My Lead System PRO. will also train you on prospecting. What do you say to your prospect to get them to take action? All of that juicy value are in back office of the MLSP system. So yes.   You are absolutely doing something wrong. You can contact us through the contact page.

It is very likely that you didn’t go through the system setup appropriately as demonstrated in the video at the top. Go over the setup if you’ve been in MLSP for over a month and you are not yet building a list. Most people need to go through the setup tutorials about 2 or 3 times in order to fully grasp the concepts. You need to do this before calling us.  Thanks.

My Lead System PRO Review Question 11:What is Funded Proposal?

What is the simplest definition of a “Funded Proposal”? The term still confuses me.

Answer: #1 is that My Lead System PRO is a funded proposal.. ok? But let me define it. I’m gonna break it down in the next few minutes as much as I can.

mlsp review mcdonaldsI’m going to use 2 examples and that’s McDonald and the Rich Dad franchise. Funded proposal can simply be explained with McDonald getting you through the door with an IRRESISTIBLE offer such as the dollar menu. They advertise the cheapest offer they have at any moment in time.

At one point it was the dollar menu. As a customer, you probably thought you could spend $3 and have lunch. However as soon as you are inside the restaurant, your mouth waters a little more. Most people end up spending more than they planned.

That’s what a funded proposal will do in your business. My Lead System PRO as a funded proposal will maximize your potential profit instead of depending on sales from your primary company only. Funded proposal is synonymous to sales funnel.

When people buy anything from you, it doesn’t matter how cheap, it’s a great thing. Your brand goes beyond just that moment when using a funded proposal. The best customers for any business are existing customers.

This applies in the Rich Dad franchise as well. They get you through the doors with a free seminar and workshop. After the seminar, you’ve come to realize that they are the expert that you need in your life and you are very likely.. bigger chance.. that you will purchase a $200 ticket to a 3 days bootcamp on Real Estate, stocks etc.

That’s the funded proposal concept. It works all the time.

With My Lead System PRO, your funded proposal presents the free training which is auto sent with auto-responder either Getresponse which what we use or Aweber. The free training trains them how to use My Lead System PRO which means it’s in their best interest to get the tool for $9.97 14 days trial with money back guarantee.

A percentage will take you on the offer and a percentage are just in the wrong place (nothing personal) and will eventually unsubscribe from your list. Some will end up at the end of your funnel (funded proposal) which is designated to be your primary business. The kind of people that you do not want in you business would have been filtered out automatically by My Lead System PRO.

myleadsystempro review richdadAgain, nothing personal, simply put… not everyone belong in your home business…CONTRARY to popular Network Marketing Belief. It’s just not realistic. However My Lead system PRO as a funded proposal as well as a training platform will help you generate 20+ leads per day. Some of them belong in your business guaranteed. Some will be attracted and some won’t. Bottom line is that you served everybody and you make money either they join your business or not. That’s the power of a funded proposal a.k.a sales funnel such as MyLeadSystemPRO.

Why is it that you are having difficulties selling a $200 business opportunity but Rich Dad is selling $5,000 package to your prospects easily??? with almost no efforts..??? Why??? What they are usually selling is not even a business. It’s usually a 2 or 3 days coaching and there.. $5,000 GONE! Disclaimer: the coaching is valuable at that $5,000 price. It is your lack of a funded proposal as a skill set and/or a tool that’s making you have a hard time selling your business opportunity at $200 – $500? That, my friend, is the power of Funded proposals.

My Lead System PRO Review Question 12:Podcast Marketing?

I am curious – has anyone found a way to monetize podcast marketing, if there is such a thing? I’m speaking strictly audio…

Answer: Hmmm.. My Lead System PRO used to recommend a training on this by way of Traffic Geyser. In fact, we have gotten quite a few leads from this strategy in the past. Give it a shot and search for “MLM Brothers on iTunes”, it should come up on number 1.

Here is the thing… if you are going to do podcast marketing, you have to be consistent with it. But yes there is training in the back end on MyLeadSystemPRO on how to do this by way of Traffic Geyser. It is the same tool that we used to dominate with video marketing.

We did get some leads from the podcast strategy but it wasn’t worth the time short term but more of long term benefits. The tool Traffic Geyser however paid for itself many times over and over with video marketing like I said LONG TERM.

My honest and humble opinion is that people who go on iTunes to search already know what and/or who they want which is usually big brand names such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki etc. If you are new online, I wouldn’t suggest the podcast marketing strategy. Social Media. Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing which you can use Traffic Geyser to dominate, Facebook PPC are more appropriate strategies you want to start with.

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