Network Marketing Leads – The Bloodline of your business

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Do you Have Enough Life in Your Business

You know everything that will have some sort of life in it will have blood.  Well guess what the blood of your network marketing business is.  That’s right; network marketing leads.  Without leads, any business is simply dead.  Your network marketing business is not an exception to that rule.

What Quality Is Your Network Marketing Leads

network marketing leads imgSurvey says that 97% of network marketers are generating less than 5 leads per day. If you noticed, I am using the language generating and not chasing leads.  If you have to chase network marketing leads, the quality of those leads is pretty bad.

It is extremely important to understand the qualities of your network marketing leads.  Quality can simply be described as the response of a lead to your offer.  Some leads  will never buy anything from you and some are just very responsive to one or more of your offers.  Those that are responsive are usually those that were looking for something similar to what you are offering even before they met you.

Lead Quality Factors

There are many factors that affect the quality of your network marketing leads.  However, I will only discuss the most important and major one; the source of the leads.  The concept around this fact is to understand where your best prospects hang out and know what they are doing at any point in time.

It’s a no brainer to understand that you best network marketing leads are searching on Google right now for a good home business.  If they find you, there is a huge chance they are buying into you and joining.  In the same token, your worst network marketing leads are your family and friends who you begged to take a look and didn’t even give you the time till 2 weeks later even if you lived in the same house.  Well, there is a huge chance that they won’t join because they are going about their regular daily life, weren’t looking for what you are offering and you are simply an interruption.

Aspiring Top Income Earner or Network Marketer

With that being said, your network marketing leads is best when you attract them through strategic positioning.  In other languages, they call it advertising and marketing.  This is your job description as an aspiring top income earner in network marketing and not a mere network marketer.

97% of network marketers are destined to fail.  Most of them will never do research.  They won’t make it to this article and learning the art of attracting endless network marketing leads, without which there is no life in any business.  But guess what!  They are the LAST THING THAT YOU WANT IN YOUR TEAM or DOWNLINE.  They are whinners, coplainers… They’ve got all the EXCUSES in the world why they won’t perform…  They don’t understand marketing COST, they won’t go after their dreams because they’ve spent too m uch money ALREADY and they’d NEVER REALIZE that this is a real business.

Your opportunity can be positioned strategically in places where you can attract QUALITY leads that are ready to buy.  We found over our experience that the best quality lead is either an existing network marketer that is struggling or a prospect that is already actively looking to get into the home business arena.
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