Shhh “Behind the Scenes” at Empower Network!!!

Tony Rush

Tony Rush

By Tony Rush


Do you want to get a sneak peek “behind the scenes” at Empower Network?

We host a call on Monday nights that is normally for members only. It’s where we talk about some serious “Jedi Master” marketing techniques.

Well, last night, Dave Wood and David Sharpe decided to make a live video event out of it. And the replay is still up: >>> Right here. This isn’t normally the kind of thing that we share with the “public”.

The topic was “How To Build A List Of 100,000 In 90 Days”

And they gave out some traffic sources during this event that you have probably never heard of. Most people haven’t. Either they don’t know about it or they’re not talking about it out loud. 🙂

In fact, here’s some of what they covered:

  • Why there are TWO kinds of lists and most people are focusing on the wrong one
  • ONE traffic source that can put 50,000 real, live human beings on your website within 48 hours
  • How to get big “fancy pants” marketers to mail YOUR ad to THEIR list….
  • An upsell method for turning a low-ticket retail purchase into some of your most rabid and enthusiastic customers!
  • How to create your own personal ATM machine so that you can create “cash on demand” anytime you want.

And much more!

This is information you can use in ANY business. Doesn’t matter if you’re promoting affiliate products, a network marketing opportunity, a weight-loss plan, or even Empower Network itself.

Again, this is master-ninja stuff and it’s normally reserved for members. And it works like nothing you’ve ever seen. And the replay is still up and running so I thought it’d be a great sneak-peek for you.

>>> Go here: Click Here Now

Tony Rush
Talk soon!

Tony Rush

P.S. I don’t know how long that replay will be online. If you get there and it’s been taken down, I apologize.

P.P.S. Heck, if you want to make some money in the next 24 hours, here’s what you ought to do: JOIN right now and send that link out to your Facebook friends. Don’t tell anyone I suggested that. 🙂

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