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All-in-One Internet & Network Marketing Solution

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Webinar Presentation

Ola & Shola

Topic: All-in-One Internet & Network Marketing Solution
Presenter: Ola & Shola
Date and Time: Tomorrow

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Ola & Shola are the co-founders of MB World Group, A Marketing Education and Consultancy Company out of New Jersey U.S.A.  They went from broke college kids that got evicted from a studio apartment on the 10th floor of Maple Gardens, Irvington New Jersey to a revenue of $3,058,000 in less than 24 months. These 2 blood brothers are also internet and network marketers in the trenches still building their empire.  They have published multiple programs to help struggling markerters and home business owners.

About OlaShola
We are Internet Network Marketers dedicated to teaching People how to Make money online and build their business online. For more information, Connect with us on Google+

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