Choice of Radically Trasforming The Mindset

You might not like me after this article.  That would be fine.  I quite understand that you have everything you want out of life and do not want more.  This is not the case for everyone so please allow those who want more and more prosperity.

This article is only for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  These people are just waiting for some one to tell them that there are better choices than running into brick in their mlm business or in life PERIOD.  more important, they are looking for someone to show them the way; a simplified roadmap of mlm business success.

I can ask 10 MLM’ers now why their organization is not working properly.  I guarantee 8 of them will be pointing fingers of excuses up or downlines.  Everything and everyone else other than them is at fault.  There is a saying in life; make excuses or make money(PROGRESS), you can’t do both.

I said ‘progress’ in case you do not like money or you are not money motivated.  I hope you at least want some progress for those in your downline who are money motivated (the sharks) and that you have gotten in the mlm business inorder to attain financial freedom.

The Choice of MLM Business Success Is Uniquely Yours

The Choice of MLM Business Success Is Uniquely Yours


Okay, the choice is yours.  The choice of what your financial status is going to be a day or two from now may not neccessarily be yours  simply because there are so many variable within a short period of time.  Where you will be in 3-5 years however, provided God continues to give you breath, is uniquely your choice.

Right now, some of you may be saying, “I can’t control what my downline does.”  The solution to that is to simply change your downline.  “I have to do that all over?”  You were never suppose to stop until you find 5-7 leaders.  Apparently you don’t have any leader.

How bad do you want financial freedom.  The problem in your organization is you.  It is simply duplicating your personal sponsoring and recruiting.  Get to work and your organization wil get to work.  If it doesn’t, the simple fact that you got to work will replace your organization with a brand new one that will duplicate you effort and your success.

It doesn’t matter what you perceive the problem as.  The beauty of the mlm business is that you are in business, though never by yourself but definintely for yourself.  You get to be the boss, not your upline.


Yes, your upline and the company promised support, heaven and earth.  That’s why you possess the ability to change any of those things.  Reality is that your upline role is done the moment they introduced and sponsored you.  For all you care, they can vanish after that.


This is the roadmap to success in this business.  There are four connected things you need to master in yourself and control if you want to be an mlm success story.  Your thoughts which affects your emotions which affects your reactions which affects your habbits which over time produce your exact results.

If you think this is just another motivational speech, once again start controlling your thoughts and you find out that a lot of the bricks you are running to are ghosts of your own thoughts.  I will break this down in subsequent postings.

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