Why Many Fail In The Network Marketing MLM Business

One reason that I can think of right now is the fact that a lot of new distributors are not ready for the big leagues.  Making money in the mlm business entails recognizing that you are in the big league at least mindset wise. Being in the Big league is not really about the Bentleys and the mansions. Those are just the bi products of being in the big league for a while. One of the first mistakes that new representatives make is to come into any mlm company thinking that the bi products should come first.

Many fail in the Mlm business because they do not understand before they join that it is lonely at the top.  I am encouraging you to pick up books by the top earners in Mlm and the rich people generally. You will understand that they spend their time alone for the most part. They are alone on ideas. Many people do no see what they see. Many people do not think that their ideas will work. They understand this. As a result, they do not go out there seeking people’s approval. When you are talking about your business, understand that many will not see what you see.

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A lot of new reps quit after their first week because they don’t understand that failure is all part of the process. You have to experience failure first in order to really achieve, enjoy and appreciate success. I do not know why it is like that. Every successful people have experienced some form of failure. As matter of fact, they still experience more failure today than you and I. The top earners in your mlm business have received more “Nos” than you have. The difference is the way that they react to it. They understand that failure is just a process to success.

Many quit in the network marketing business because they do not enjoy the process. Now this is applicable online and offline. You must make yourself enjoy the money making process. The Money making process offline is prospecting and networking with prospects. You can not get too high or too low on these processes.  Money making activity offline is attending Saturday meeting. Find something about this meeting that you love. There will be weeks that you don’t have prospects in the audience. That is perfectly ok. Enjoy the meeting. The result will come.

A lot of people fail in the mlm industry because they refuse to work on the inside. It is not so much about what you say. It is how you say it. It is all about your posture. The way you stand. The way you walk. They way you talk. Do you walk like a slave or you walk like the master. Mlm is like talking to females. There are the nice guys that carry the female bags. They are ready to do whatever the female says just because of the attraction there. However, they always seem to remain in the friendship zone. There are the so call bad boys. They do the opposite and they get the pretty females on one trial (for the most part). It is all about the posture. Understand that you always in charge.

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