Attn: New MLM Business Owners, Generate Genealogy leads.

If you are new to mlm industry, this could be the biggest step that you ever take in your like. I intentionally use could because nothing is guaranteed in this world. I also use could because I do not know if you will work this business or you will allow the business to work you. The fact that you just signed up with $499 or any amount does not amount to anything. You still have to go out there and invest your time and money into knowledge. Welcome to the Network marketing Mlm world.

In terms of generating leads, as a new mlm representative, you must understand that the best leads that you must go after are mlm genealogy leads. These are folks with network marketing experience. They are more qualified leads. They do not need to be sold on the concept of leverage and network marketing anymore. There are many companies that sell these leads. Do not buy any of those. Those are nothing but Job seekers. You have to generate your own mlm genealogy leads.

One of the fist things that I am sure your upline probably told you is that; your list is your biggest tool. Initially you are probably asked to write down 100 names of friends, family and all your warm market. This is your list. Unfortunately, 99% of the network marketing companies stop at this. What happened when you run out of family and friends? Perhaps you are someone that is despised before. Maybe you are someone that has been a loser up till this point. Your list is basically useless because your family and friends don’t want to work with you even though they still love you. You have to be constantly building your list. In other words, you have to generate leads. If you want to be a six figure earner very quickly, there is no way around this.

As a new mlm distributor, you must understand that there is the word “Marketing” in “Network Marketing.” Even though the network precedes marketing in the phrase, you cannot do one without doing the other. Here is the mistake that new mlm distributors do though. They market the mlm company and their products. You must understand that this is a people’s business. The reason anyone will sign up in your organization will be because of you. If that is the case, why are you marketing the company then? You must market yourself. People want to work with leaders. You must market yourself as leader. That means you have to be a leader. So how do you become a leader? By deciding at this very second to be one.  You must continue to work on your self.

As a new mlm associate, it is essential for you to understand that your success in this business is 100% based on what you do. It is not based on the three ways although, that could help. Your success is not dependent on how great you can speak or how fluent you are. You success is simply based on how you can handle rejections. You have to fail yourself to the top. This is a number’s game. Leave the emotion at home. This is business. The more you talk to people about your opportunity, the faster you can make money and become wealthy regardless of your mlm company.

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