Before You Join MLM Company, Ask Yourself The Follow Questions

I am not trying to scare you with this article or anything like that. However, there are certain self questions that I feel is necessary for you to ask yourself before you join any Mlm company. Your answer to the questions will determine if you will be successful in the Mlm business and how fast you will be successful in the network marketing arena.

What are your reasons for joining mlm business? This is what is commonly regarded as your “Why”. Obviously we human beings are different. So our reasons are also different. But as the saying goes; your reason must be big enough to make you cry. If you don’t have one, I suggest that you dig dip and find it because the road to financial freedom is not broad and straight. It could be a lonely and rough road. But your “Why” will be your source of energy. That is why it has to be a strong “why”.

How fast do you want this? Before you join any Mlm business, you must have the idea of how fast you want to be financially free. The most widely used time frame is 2-5 yrs to achieve financial freedom. Now this is great compared to 9-5 corporate America world which is; get financial freedom NEVER. Is 2-5 yrs your time frame? Determine your time frame. I would suggest you should make it short. Do not underestimate the impact of momentum.

From experience, the turning point for the top earners is usually when their backs are against the wall. Do not wait till that time. We can all achieve a substantial income pretty quick. Not only is this good for us from motivation stand point, it is also good because our reputation and credibility will also benefit from this. Ask yourself, are you willing to do whatever it takes in the next 90 days? Are you willing to skip the super bowl party for home meetings? Are you willing to reduce your gym time to 1hr instead of 2hrs? Are you willing to replace bar time with self improvement session? How bad do you want it?

Another question that you should be asking yourself before you join mlm is: are you willing to be different? Better yet, are you willing to take rejections? I intentionally used the word rejection. People (including you family and friends) will say no to you. But at first I guarantee you that it will feel like rejection. However, they are not rejecting you. They just don’t see what you see. That is a compliment to you. Are you willing to go through the intense period of perceived rejections? It is only for a short period of time. Once you start seeing result, the rejection rate will dramatically reduce.

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