MLM Prospecting: An Emotional Roller Coaster

You might be asking right now; what does emotions have to do with your mlm business? Let’s just BE CLEAR about something. You will remain a human being while you pursue your freedom with your particular mlm business. There are literally UNPLEASANT FEELINGS attached to your mlm prospecting endeavors.

The millionaire mindset does not assume that they can eliminate the effect of emotions on both their personal and business life. It understands however that emotions need management. Please realize that the more DELUSIONAL and NAIVE about these things you are, the less control you will have over your mlm prospecting and business.

It is best for you to be prepared for a typical mlm business ride. We did NOT have anyone to tell us when we started that we will be paying dues in the form of dissapointments, broken promises, 95% negative mlm prospecting response, stress, frustration, annoyance, tiny checks, humilation etc. Some how, some way, you have to pay your dues too.

emotionsimage2Building an mlm business or any business for that matter is IN FACT a roller coaster ride. I have got more news for you. We learned a long time ago also that LIFE ITSELF is a roller coaster ride. The good news is that you only fail when you jump out of a roller coaster ride. How is the destination? Boy is it sweet or what? You know the rest of the story; the top income earners in your particular mlm companies and their lifestyles. They all paid their dues and everyone of them will tell you that it is worth every moment of that stressful ride.

If we are going to be on a roller coaster ANYWAY, we might as well be on a ride that will take us to a destination of freedom, wealth, living life rather than MAKING A LIVING. We are going to work hard ANYWAY. What will set you apart from being great or mediocre in life and business is where you direct that energy.

Your energy will go to one of two places ONLY

  1. Towards building wealth for someoneelse and their family
  2. Towards serving as many people as possible using LEVERAGE which is what creates wealth and not JUST serving one BOSS.

How do you deal with the emotional roller coaster? Well it feels good to know now that you understand that all you can do is deal with it and not eliminate it. By the way, the only way to eliminate emotions is by dying; yes…DEATH. To deal with emotions, you have to master emotions. Not just your emotion but also of those you are surrounded with especially your mlm prospects.

The 2 Topmost fears of human beings are:

  • DEATH and
  • What others feel about them.

What others feel about you or anything associated with you is their emotions and their business. You deal with it by mastering their emotions and knowing the fact that it is not PERSONAL. You might also want to get good at forgiving ANYTHING. Lack of forgiveness leads to attachment to negativity.

For example, if someone tells you, “you make me feel angry,” tell them you don’t have that kind of power. But ask them, what is it about them that makes them feel angry about you? I guarantee you that your replied question will take an heavier toll on them and it will make you less emotionally involved in your conversation with such individual. This is so simply because you understand and expressed it that the fact that they are angry is their own fault as opposed to what that person previuously tried to put on you. It is called a NEGATIVE ENERGY NEUTRALIZER; try it in your personal life and make it a habbit.

In your mlm prospecting endeavors, you will hit stumbling blocks and most of them are causes and effects of emotions. That should tell you one thing and one thing only;MASTER EMOTIONS and the different KINDS of PERSONALITIES OUT THERE. Why not? These skills will make you kings and queens, prince and princesses in your circle of influence. The law of averages, attraction and large number will also make your mlm business a LOT less emotional. Internet marketing skills can help you with that.

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