How To Win at MLM Prospecting With A System

MLM Prospecting is the one thing that we get PAID for in MLM business. You could be prospecting for customers, business partners or employees. The process is ALL the same and requires the same skill sets. MLM prospecting does involve psychology because you are dealing with human beings. MLM prospecting requires training, tools and an effective system. Merely memorizing MLM prospecting scripts and tips is ineffective.

By mastering MLM prospecting skills, you can take any business from the floor ground to empire status at any time. MLM Prospecting involves attracting potential business partners and customers to your business. You and I know that customers are the life line to any business. Also, by now I hope you realize that capitalizing on 100% of your own personal effort is way more stupid than capitalizing or even just 1% of 100 business partners’ efforts. It is called leverage and it is the only way you can CHEAT TIME.

MLM Prospecting System and Training

mlmprospectingAnything that will make up a significant entity follows a system. That is exactly why we have ecological system which makes up a balanced enviroment for living things. MLM prospecting is no different. You need a duplicatable but yet flexible system that anyone can plug in to and be successful and also be able to turn into training for others.

It could be online, offline or a combination of both. It needs to be repeatable and simple with different components that help to attract potential customers and/or business partners, maintain relationship and highly converts. This is sort of a road map that will remove lots of guess work from your business.

MLM Prospecting Tools

You need to learn how to leverage tools for MLM prospecting. One of the many traditional practices in MLM prospecting is the 3-foot rule. While I absolutely acknowledge that this has made a lot of people millionaires in the past, I have to tell you that this method does NOT make the best use of your most precious and scarce resource: TIME.

There are literally MLM prospecting tools that you can use to pique a thousand interests per minute and you are just a few clicks away from those tools evidently because you are using the internet to read this article right now. You need to be using as many tools as possible if you want to truly cheat time and become financially free. Let’s be clear. NO ONE becomes financially free unless they are cheating time true leverage one way or the other.

MLM Prospecting Scripts

Many companies issues MLM prospecting scripts to their reps and this is fine. You should also know those scripts can often become an unnecessary baggage in your mlm business if you get stuck with using them in the same exact way it is written down. It doesn’t come out natural and your prospects can detect this.

The first time I used a script, my prospect asked me, “is that what they told you to say?” You don’t want to come off as a robot to your live prospect; especially your close friends and family. I get piqued everyday and trust me, there is nothing as stupid as someone reading a script to get me in a hotel meeting. What you should do is read the script by yourself, grasp the concept, and say it your own way based on the previous relationship you established with your prospect.

I want stop here for now with two of the many MLM prospecting tips I have learned and still use successfully today.

  1. Find a way to prospect while you are out instead of going out to prospect.
  2. Find a way to leave a piece of you every where you go by utilizing cheap mlm prospecting tools: CASH PROSPECTING (See Below)

You can only do so much physical presentation and MLM prospecting in a day. The technology we have today allows for thousands of MLM prospecting by the same person per day. Leverage is the reason why you joined the MLM business.

Ask yourself, are you truly leveraging or still being scared of an MLM prospecting system and tools? Are you still walking 200 miles just to check on relatives or simply making a phone call? Don’t be deluded, change is the only thing that is here to stay permanently. If you don’t agree, you won’t be in business for much too long.

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1 Comment on How To Win at MLM Prospecting With A System

  1. Oliver Tausend // February 16, 2011 at 9:40 am //

    Hi MLM brothers,

    when it comes to prospecting in MLM, it’s important to have the correct job description in mind. It’s about getting prospects to say yes to our business opportunity or to becoming a customer. That’s about it.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


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