MLM Recruiting – Is Personally Recruiting 20 Reps Per Month Possible?

Before getting into MLM Recruiting, make sure you understand that you need to learn how to generate leads first.  There is nothing to recruit if you have no leads coming through your funnel of prospects.  MLM recruiting is both an art and a science.  This is the one activity in your MLM business that encapsulates the whole concept of LEVERAGE.

MLM Recruiting Online

MLM Recruiting   Is Personally Recruiting 20 Reps Per Month Possible?Talking of leverage, the internet is definitely a machine that will put your MLM recruiting on steroids.  It does this to every process.  Earlier, it was mentioned that MLM recruiting can be both an art and science.  Online is where you can truly practise it as a science.  You can literally track and test everything from generating laser targeted leads to converting them to active distributors.  It is also a lot more easier to eliminate the emotions that are attached to rejections while prospecting.  MLM recruiting becomes a simple number game.

MLM Recruiting Offline

Recruiting offline can be really rough on especially newbies in this business. You would wish that you can just walk up to a prospect on the street, present and it makes sense and simply recruit. It does not work like that unfortunately.  A lot more people will say no to your MLM business opportunity offline than online.  The rejection will be more face to face as well.

You can only prospect, present and recruit one person at a time offline.  When you factor in a lot more rejections with this, there is little or no leverage. Also, do not be surprised if your family and close friends get recruited online by someone across country.  This is exactly what happens to business people that does not stay competitive. They get zapped by their competitiors.  There are however offline MLM recruiting strategies that can be leveraged with the internet that will remain very effective.

MLM Recruiting   Is Personally Recruiting 20 Reps Per Month Possible?

MLM Recruiting Systems

Leveraging a system to recruit for MLM will definitely allow you the most efficient use of your time.  Off course, it will also produce an exponentially increasing effect in your downline organization.  The major difference between self-employeds and businesses in the famous Rich Dad Quadrant is systems.

There are many self proclaimed MLM Recruiting systems and softwares out there.  The system will funnel targeted leads into a funded proposal and automatically prequalify prospects before they get to say a word to you.  This is definitely way better than talking to everything within 3 feet to you.  MLM Recruiting systems even allows personal recruiting in mlm to continue regardless if you are there or not.  It puts the law of large numbers in your favor.  Let me tell you about Black Belt Recruiting.  It involves leveraging both offline and online strategies, blazing through prospects with a system and recruiting 15-20 distributors per month personally.

To conclude, both online and offline MLM recruiting will get you to financial freedom than any job will.  In fact, you already that know that no salaried jobs can ever get you to financial freedom.  My question for you is if you want to build your downline and income at a faster or slower momentum.  This is a hint: it is easier to do it faster.

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