That X-Factor and 3 Tips To MLM/Network Marketing Success

In this posting, we want to remind you of a teaching that we are ALL familiar with but we often overlook. Human beings characteristics is to often think it HAS TO BE complicated with big webster words to be authentic. This is the same reason why we were PROGRAMMED by our parents to not expect any life changing education from anything OTHER THAN a professor with more degrees than a thermometer. Ultimately, there is only ONE reason why you will or will NOT experience MLM SUCCESS in your business or life. We call it the X-factor. Before we get into the x-factor, there are 3 MLM success tips in this article that will bringing it all together for it to make sense to YOU.

1. MLM SUCCESS and Failure – A Swinging Pendulum

pendulumYes! Failure and success and directly opposite in meaning. However, they are also on DIRECT opposite sides of a swinging pendulum. The bigger the angle at which the pendulum is swinging is, the bigger your comfort zone is. You need to learn to swing FARTHER apart if you want to enjoy MLM SUCCESS.

On the left side of the swinging pendulum are failure, rejection, defeat, pain, sadness etc. The more YOU can ENDURE this feelings, the stronger you will build YOU into a rejection bullet proof. If you can simply endure and swing as far apart as possible with a well managed risk (which MLM offers), the pendulum will definitely come back swinging into the opoosite side of more MLM SUCCESS, victory, joy, happiness etc.

2. It Is Not About You

Most people swing a little bit into SAFE ZONES because they are protecting their OWN selfish feelings. Safe zone risks a little bit and get little rewards. In reality, the safe zone is a dangerous zone of living on debt, never living LIFE but MAKING A LIVING survival for your children, family, loved ones and generations to generations.

It is not about you in case you are one of the selfish 97% of humankind. This is about what your actions TODAY can mean to those beautiful kids you are bringing into the MEDIOCRE life you are living and your parents that may end up retiring on NOTHING but debt in a HOME. YOU can break the cycle by enduring enough failure and rejections in your MLM PROSPECTING. More rejections and NO’s makes you more tolerant of rejections and increase your MLM success exponentially. The FASTER you go through the NO’s, the faster you become one of the MLM SUCCESS STORIES.

The most common safe zone of course is going to school, getting a degree, a job and coming home daily to the Automatic Income Reducer; the television a.k.a TV. Usually, they come home to this device because that is ALL they can afford for recreation. They will never get enough time off from the J.O.B to take a vacation on the beach let alone take their family and kids.

3. Stop Playing It Safe

x-factorThe safe zone has turned out to be a dangerous zone since the beginning of the history of human kind. Even Jesus Christ explained this concept with the talent parable in the Bible. It is proven all over AGAIN with hundreds of thousands losing their JOBS over the past few years because of the WORST recession of our lifetime. Don’t you get it? Job security and survival are illusions that YOUTHRIVE created. We are meant to . There is only one reason why you won’t thrive especially in this economy. That’s YOU.

In case you have not noticed, the x-factor is YOU. There is no GUARANTEES outside of YOU. The God that controls that is in YOU.  All you can do about your children is train them, hope for the best and BE the best resource for them. There is nothing you can do about HOW your parents live their lives, all you can do is the BE the best resource for them. There is only one thing you can do about the world. YOU can BE all the best you can be in terms of resource, health, finance, relationship, joy for the world around you. The X-FACTOR in YOUR MLM SUCCESS FORMULA is YOU

P.S. LOTS of people need to hear this message, and they will thank you for sharing it with them. Please do your part and spread the love! :)

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2 Comments on That X-Factor and 3 Tips To MLM/Network Marketing Success

  1. Looking forward learning and earning!!!!!!!!!

  2. Debra Carey // December 14, 2009 at 4:19 pm //

    Very true words indeed. MLM business can be challenging but they are like any other business. What most people don’t realise is that if there is any stress in your life then that stress will affect not only personal issues but business as well.

    How we think about what we do for a living and most importantly, why we are doing it, can often be lost sight of in the daily struggle to ‘earn a living’.

    Taking action is vital in any business but it’s not often seen that stopping and reviewing these important issues can also be action, or ‘non-action’ as in ancient asian philosophies have always told us.

    Stop to smell the roses once and a while and you’ll feel better, be more centre and ultimately, more successful.

    Debra Carey
    Business Mentor & Co-Founder of The Edom Institute

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