MLM Success Stories, EXCUSE MINING: Failure!

Every now and then, I still meet people who feel like wealthy folks are just plain lucky. You know these people too. They are usually the people that will mine excuses out of thin air. “Oh yeah, there were too much air in the atmosphere so I didn’t do anything all last week in my business.” I am talking about people that mine excuses why someone became one of the mlm top earners before him or her.

Let’s be clear about something. The millionaire mindset is real, universal and doesn’t care who you are. Your luck and daily mis-happenings has very LITTLE effect on your ultimate MLM SUCCESS. It is understandable that this is a difficult truth to accept. However, all achievements in the history of human kind have been achieved because all dues were PAID somehow someway. At the end of the day, it comes down to what your personal choice is; make money or make excuses. How bad do you want freedom of time and money.

There are lots of valleys. However valleys are what leads to the top of the mountains. The top of the mountains are the various MLM SUCCESS STORIES that you know today. Do you notice sometimes when you read the different MLM SUCCESS STORIES, it almost feel like it is the same stories reprinted over and over again. They all started very low and struggled in the beginning. They all almost quit at one point.

If you are one of the excuse miners, you end up concluding that the stories are made up. The great achievers had success stories that motivated them too. They simply conclude that there are some instances and behaviour that are COMMON to those that got what they want. They MASTER such behaviors and turn it to personal habits. What are you going to do? Here are some of the behaviours that are common to all MLM TOP EARNERS.


This is not just desire or wants. Everyone wants and DESIRE to be a millionaire. Unfortunately or fortunately, that’s not enough to make everyone a millionaire. If you don’t believe me ask 10 people around you now. Wants is where a mere desire ends. You need an intense desire; focused, pressured and non-negotiable about becoming one of the mlm success stories and top earners. Intense desire will make you say “no disrespect to luck, but you will get to the top with or without it.


The millionaire mindset embrace failure. Jonathan Budd, one of the mlm top earners in the mlm business wrote an article titled “Jonathan Budd Is A MISERABLE Failure! (Why It’s A GOOD Thing).” You need to understand the concept of FAILING FORWARD in life and business. Please do not confuse this with not educating yourself, being stupid and not managing your risks.

If you can get yourself to the point where rejection sound SWEET to your hears and go after more rejections and MORE, you will become all you want to become in not only MLM BUSINESS but in life. Let’s make this clear. Learn how to gather 10 ‘NO’s per day in your MLM PROSPECTING and you will become one of the MLM TOP EARNERS.


The only thing that can ever beat resistance is persistence. Does this mean you should persist at bothering your friends and family? Absolutely NOT. MLM BUSINESS is a people business and killing your relationships is not going to help you.

If you get 3 ‘NO’S and 7 ‘YES’s in you daily collection of ‘NO’s, you can’t let it get into your head. You still need to get the remaining 7 ‘NO’s before you call it a day. That’s persistence and it will take you to the TOP.

In conclusion, if you are depending on just your family and friends, it simply won’t work and if it does it will take you forever. The name of the wealth game is LEVERAGE. How many people can you meet at Starbucks per day? How many can you meet on the internet per day? Learn how to LEVERAGE THE INTERNET to put your pile of ‘NO’s on STEROIDS. You can even present while you are sleeping. You don’t believe me? Is it possible that I am sleeping as you are reading this? This is not complicated at all. Notice that I never told you to pitch your business to anyone. Confused?

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