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The MILLIONAIRE MINDSET keep things simple. Sometimes, all you have to do is look around you in order to keep pace with what is really HOT. No one has to tell you that technology and just robots are taking over everything. kids and youth around you are more interested in communicating through text, ichats etc than speaking on the phone. They are more interested in watching their favourite TV programs on YouTube whenever they want to than on TV. Have you ever wondered why TV services are stuggling to stay afloat with On-Demand and DVRs.

MLMnTechnologyAs an entrepreneur with a MILLIONAIRE MINDSET, which is what MLM BUSINESS professionals claim to be, if you are not paying attention to TECHNOLOGY and how they affect your MLM Business, you will GET walked all over by your competition.  MLM Technology is on an absolute ground floor and it is in your best interest to jump on it.  Most of MLM ‘ers are so busy getting motivated, which is important, that they forget very quickly that MLM BUSINESS is a B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S.

The youth are not the only one changing their way of doing things. Businesses around the world are doing the same thing. Technology is changing the way they conduct business AND they are cutting expenditures crazilly accross board and making a lot more profits while they need less and less human power.

Don’t get it twisted, MLM Business remains a people business and we will still continue to build this business based on relationships. The qusestion now is how many new relationships are you creating per day? 0? 1? or 2? Have you ever asked how technology like social media can help you create a lot more than a few relationship per day? The millionaire mindset never lose focus of the wealth principle, LEVERAGE.

Some of you got laid off and that is probably why you took the first look and joined your MLM Business. There is about a STRONG 70% chance that a robot replaced you at your former job. What are you going to do about it? Be a technophobia or learn some skills so you can become a hot commodity in the market place? Some of you are going going to say, “Oh, the jobs are coming back,” and your life may just pass right in front of you.

Leverage is doing more with less. Technology will help you create more relationships in less time if you do it the right way. Note that I prioritize building relatinships and not pitching your business.

Lots of MLM COMPANIES are doing their best as a company to work on technology to help the average rep in the industry; think replicated websites, videomail, blastoffs etc. Like I said, the technology put in place by your MLM companies are for the average rep. I am assuming you don’t want to be an average rep who makes less than $10/Week in your MLM Business. Your MLM companies can only do so much in branding YOU which we encourage you to do. You want to help yourself with getting a self branded website and building your business with the very simple technology available to you. Do you realize that the next leader in your organization is just a CLICK away.

Here is a hint on using the MLM Technology. If you are so old or so technophobia that you don’t want to get into learning technology now, find a way to recruit and sponsor a tech savvy person. There are millions of them out there that are not even expose to the opportunity that being in an MLM Busines can offer them. You have got the MILLIONAIRE MINDSET and a miracle in your mouth. Offer it as a value to a techy person that you know around the way. Many of them stay on facebook for 3 hours after 10-12 hours work days on a JOB with no hope of FINANCIAL FREEDOM EVER. He/She may end up thanking you for the rest of his/her life.

You will need such talent in your organization either in the upline or the downline in this very competitive MLM Business world. The impact of technology on small businesses including MLM BUSINESS has been confirmed by the Technology Partnership for Small Business Task force, a group of technology industry leaders organized by the Information Technology Association of America (in conjuction with Microsoft, AT&T, and the Minority Business Development Agency). It found that such business that applied technology proved to be far more profitable than business that does NOT utilize the revolution to their own advantage.

The survey indicated that extensive use of technology by this businesses (INCLUDING MLM BUSINESS), could add a whopping $200 Billion to the Unite States’ grossdosmetic product. Again, what are you going to do about this?

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