Is 5linx A Scam? Must Read 5linx Reviews

I will examine the business opportunity called 5linx. Is 5linx a scam? Why are people calling 5linx a scam? What the chance of you becoming a multiple six figure earner with 5linx? What are the skills set that you must master in order for you to become a 6 figures monthly income earner with 5linx? If you have any of these questions in mind, well you have come to the right page. I will be providing answer to those questions in this post. Enjoy the ride.

Is 5linx a Scam?5linx

NO, 5linx is not a scam.  5linx is a network marketing company that is giving regular people like you and me the opportunity to be financially free by marketing telecommunication services and video phone with a partnership with GLOBALINX. All 5linx is giving is just the opportunity. You have to put in the work and effort in order to see any substantial result. The principle here is simply called Leverage. We leverage each other’s effort. The only way you will become rich is by helping others become rich. The 5linx scam claims are just ridiculous and inaccurate. Telecommunication industry is one of the fastest growing industries now. So you can do the math.

This makes you curious who are the people labeling MLM Companies like 5linx a scam.  For the most part, former 5linx representatives who have failed with the business are the one going around calling the 5linx business a scam. Now understand that there is nothing unusual about failing in any business. The fact is that about 97% of small businesses fail for different reasons.

The major reasons why these former 5linx reps calling 5linx a scam failed in the first place is because they do not recognize and treat 5linx as a business.  I totally understand that it probably cost $499 to start the business. This is ridiculously cheap compared to Starting a McDonalds Franchise which requires $1M cash in the bank account.  I also understand that you were probably introduced to the business by your family and friends. However, if you do not treat 5linx as a multi millions dollars business that it is, you will fail at it. Do not treat 5linx MLM business as some hobby. This is real business that will demand your full time attention. This is the truth that the people calling 5linx a scam apparently do not understand.

5linx Products Reviews

As earlier mentioned, 5linx is primarily marketing telecommunication phones and services by partnering with GLOBALINX. The services include the digital home phone services which also involves local and local distance.  The MLM company also deal with Broadband internet and satellite television.  The newest development in terms of their product is that 5linx will be entering the energy industry starting from January 2011. Obviously this will not be available at all locations immediately.  Their major product is clearly the video phone.

The question that you should be asking with regards to the 5linx products is how marketable they are.  I have personally review hundreds of MLM Companies. And I can tell you that their product and services are one of the best out there. There are company selling lotion, juices, vitamins and all these other consumable products. But with services oriented MLM business like 5linx, you have the opportunity to sign up a customer and get paid over and over as they pay their bills. This is residual income in itself. We can argue all day about how the CU-3000 video Phone compare with Skype.  But your focus should be different.

How To Become A Platinum Senior Vice Presidents With 5linx

The money is in the big organization. You should focus your energy initially on getting all the points or customers that you need to qualify for all the position with 5linx. But after this, your effort should be in bringing people into your business. I cannot emphasize this enough. I see many representatives out there spending all their efforts into signing up customers. The money is in the big organization with 5linx or any other Network Marketing business out there. You cannot feasibly sign enough customers and bills to give you financial freedom with 5linx.

You must market yourself to your prospect. Are you giving your prospects enough reason to work with you? Network Marketing is not about finding the right prospect. It is about becoming the right person. If you become the right person, the right prospect will find you. Why should a prospect join your 5linx organization? You must prove value to your prospect first.  Care about them.  The only way you will provide value is if you have value in you. This comes from constantly working on yourself and developing your mindset.

You have to leverage the internet. There is nothing wrong with the PBRs, and the weekly Saturday meetings for your 5linx business.  However, understand that you will run out of warm market soon or later. Even if many people sign up in your first home meeting, the initial momentum will inevitably stop. You can bet on that. So what will you do when this happens? Take the 3ft rule approach and throw it in the trash. That has proven to be ineffective. You must have an online presence. There are thousands of people online every day looking for what you are selling. These are people that want the better life and are tired of the 9-5 bill-paying, paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Those are your audience.

Lastly, you must develop a marketing plan on a marketing platform. MLM leads are the soul of your business. You must have more people to talk to in a day than you can possibly talk to. A benefit of this is that it leaves your emotion out of it. MLM business is a numbers game. The more people you talk to, the more money you will make. It is really that simple. This is where an online lead generation system comes into play. The system is the platform. Imagine currently presenting your business to 10-30 people everyday online. How fast do you think your 5linx business will grow?

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