Is AdzZoo Too Good to be True? AdzZoo Review

adzzooAdzZoo Review

AdzZoo is one of the latest MLM companies out there that are marketing Innovative products and leveraging the greatest invention of mankind. I am talking about the internet. NO, AdzZoo is not a scam. I want to get that out of the way. You are on this page because you are considering AdzZoo and doing your research if this company is right for you or not. Or you are part of this company already and you are looking for ways to be a top earner with them. Well you have come to the right page. I am not affiliated in any way or form with AdzZoo. I am simply a third party reviewer.

The first obvious fact that you have to know about AdzZoo as I mention earlier is that AdzZoo is an MLM Company. What this means is that you will be marketing AdzZoo products and services thought the multi level marketing business structure. The principle here is called leverage. This is the wealth principle. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet both have produced more millionaires that any body. AdzZoo is operating under this principle. You will be leveraging other people’s effort and everyone will be happy.

AdzZoo is capitalizing on the increasing numbers of users using the internet to locate local businesses. Some people still uses the yellow pages. But you don’t need a rocket science degree to know that the future is in the online search. People are barely reading the newspapers anymore. Another problem is that many business owners that are even aware of these trends do no know how to get on top of the search engine when people are making related searches. 80% of searches don’t click beyond the first page. This is where AdzZoo comes into play. They provide the Web presence of local businesses.

AdzZoo Product

  1. Optimized Web page: AdzZoo will help you build a well optimized website. This is not hard to do. However, each business owner will rather focus on the thing that they do best. And this is where AdzZoo and the representatives come in.
  2. Search Engine Marketing: It is one thing to have a well optimized web page and it is another thing to be ranking or visible based on the local searches. This is the off page optimization. AdzZoo will help small business owners to do this.
  3. Search Engine Maps: This is otherwise referred to as places. Example of these is the Google places. Basically whenever there is local searches, Google will place the small business information and location at the top. As of the last time I checked, Google only list 7 on the top. AdzZoo will help small business to do this. This will increase their visibility.
  4. Geo Targeted Ad: AdzZoo will help market small businesses on popular websites like CNN, AOL, food network, AOL and many more like this with banners for more visibility.
  5. Social Network: Any real business has to be on Twitter, Facebook in this age. AdzZoo will help small business set this up.

Become A Top Income Earner With AdzZoo

I will not get much into extreme details about the AdzZoo compensation plan. There are 5 major ways that you can get paid. There are; Fast Start Bonus, Personal Ad Campaign Sales, Overrides on Ad Campaign Sales, Ad Campaign Sale Renewals and Bonus Pools. Here is what you need to understand though; you will make substantial amount of income when you build a big organization. There is no way around this. You have to recruit like minded people that will do exactly what you are doing. As mentioned earlier, Leverage is the name of the game.

SO the question is how do you recruit people to join you in AdzZoo? You do this by having an effective marketing plan in place. You have to know your targeted audience and the ways to target them. Your audiences are the people that are sick and tired of the regular 9-5 lifestyle. Your audiences are the people that are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Your audiences are the people that are looking for ways to make an extra income from home. You have to have access to these people. They are your targeted and hot leads.

The fastest and the most effective way to generate MLM leads to build your AdzZoo MLM Business is through an Online Lead Generation System otherwise referred to as an attraction marketing system. This system will brand you as an expert. No one wants to work with an amateur. The era of chasing family and friends to join your Network Marketing Business is over. You must master the science of marketing. Notice that I said science. It can be learned and you must learn it to build your AdzZoo business.

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