Ardyss International Review

A business partner called me just recently. He was telling me how everything is not so easy in our primary business. I immediately could tell that somebody quoting in that company. He claimed he has found a little easier MLM company that his wife is doing and having success with it. Since when is attaining financial freedom an easy task? Anyway, that company was Ardyss International.

arddyysMr. Antonio Díaz de León came up with the idea of Ardyss somewhere in Mexico in the early 90s. Just like many start up MLM companies, he faced difficulties at the early stages. This is one of the reasons why I am very reluctant to recommend any start up MLM Company for anybody. Majority of them do not survive the early turbulence. But if you are planning to join Ardyss, you should understand that this company has stood the test of time.

Furthermore on Ardyss International Review, Ardyss not surprisingly, is also in the health field. This is not a knock on Ardyss. A whole lot of MLM Companies out there are taking advantage of the fact that people are becoming more aware of their weight and health. Ardyss is a business and I hope some of you out there understand this fact. All Ardyss decisions will be business decisions regardless of the impact that decision might have on the distributors.

Ardyss offer many products available to the distributors to market. However, they are promoting the Body Magic two steps system. This basically consists of series of Reshaping Garment (clothing materials) that basically squeeze your body together and an antioxidant called Le’Vive. I will not spend any second trying to critique this product. Ardyss claim that you will reduce your body size immediately and get the shape that you have always wanted. Le’Vive will give you more energy, help you focus more, make you feel better, etc.

Furthermore on Ardyss International Review, how sellable are the Ardyss products? They are very sellable. People are very cautious these days about their shape. Because if they feel that they look good, this will affect their mental state and how they feel about them selves. This has direct effect on how they behave everyday at work, at school and basically everywhere that they go.

One simple truth that does not change with Ardyss and other MLM companies is that people will do business with you only if you know how to market yourself. Do not worry about marketing Ardyss. I think Ardyss is doing a good job of that already. This is your business (Not Ardyss). You need to understand the concept of branding if you really want to make thousands of dollars every month. If you are okay with $100 every month, then do not worry about branding. But if you want multiple 5 figure income monthly, you need to brand yourself.

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