Bellamora Reviews: Fastest way to get Bellamora to pay You $1billion

Ok I thought that would be catchy and that is why I used it as the title. But can you really get $1b from Bellamora? Can you get $1b from any MLM company? Can you get that amount of money from any kind of contractual business type that is not named AT&T or Verizon? Can you even get half of that? You should begin to get where I am going with this. My job is to be honest with you 100% and separate the hype from the realistic goals. I will also explain some negatives and also the positives of partnering up with Bellamora MLM business.

Bellamora Review: The Principle

As I just said, Bellamora is a Network Marketing Company. This is otherwise referred to as multi Level marketing (MLM) Company.  The principle that Bellamora is operating on is the wealth principle. This is called Leverage. To say this in a very simple way, you cannot get rich by yourself. You must leverage other people’s effort.  You have to build a team of sales force that will market the Bellamora products.  This is a marketing business. So you have to market the Bellamora products. However, you cannot market enough Bellamora to be financially free.  Based on the compensation plan, it is just not feasible.

You have to recruit other people that will be doing what you are doing.  You will make money and they will make money and everybody will be happy. Majority of your time will be spent on helping your team become successful. The only way to be rich in Bellamora (or any other business pointblank) is to help other people become rich. If you have problem with this concept, you will not become successful in any business.

Bellamora Product Reviewsbellamora reviews

Bellamora markets skin products like Gentle Clarifying Cleanser, Purifying Refreshing Toner, Multi Vitamin Moisturizer, Collagen Cellular Repair Cream, Purifying Refreshing Toner etc. The purpose of this write up is not to tell you if the products work or not. The purpose is also not to analyze the ingredients for you. I don’t care much about that. You should be concern however about the marketability of the products.  The products could be very marketable if you focus on just maintaining the quota that you are supposed to sell.  You are in the business of marketing dreams not cream. If you prefer selling creams to dreams, then you should get a job at Shoprite or Rite aid.

Bellamora Reviews: Getting that Billion dollar.

The first step to becoming a top income earner with Bellamora is to understand that this is a real business. I know that is supposed to be the first thing that you understand. However, you would be surprised how many people go out there in the MLM business thinking that this is some kind of hobby. You can definitely have fun in the business. But you must treat this like a multimillion dollar business that it is. If you treat it as a $500 business, you will fail at it.

The second step to making lot of money with Bellamora business is called strategic positioning. People don’t want to work with an amateur.  I am 100% sure that you would want the best Cardiovascular surgeon to work on you in case you are having heart surgery.  People want to work with the best. So the challenge for you is to become an expert in the MLM field, money field, and financial freedom field. The first step to this is to determine that you are a leader. Then continue to work on yourself everyday and work on your mindset. When you do this, you will not chase anyone. People will pay you to work with you. This is a powerful place to be.

Finally, you must leverage the internet. All the major businesses in the world are on the internet. To be successful with Bellamora, you cannot afford not to do this. Leveraging the internet has many benefits. It is easier to brand yourself as a leader and an expert on the internet.  It is also easier to generate hundred of leads everyday on the internet. I am talking about hot and qualified leads. These are leads of people that are looking for what you are selling. These are leads of people that ready to be financially free. By leveraging the internet, not only will you be creating a marketing platform, but you will also have access to many marketing plans for your immediate success.

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  1. Getzie R. Lamar // March 8, 2011 at 8:51 am //

    Great review, Ola & Shola. You not only covered company basics, but what’s more valuable are the marketing insights you share about personal branding, personal development, and mindset. I especially like your statement: “You are in the business of marketing dreams not cream.” Thanks for a great post!

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