Is Blastoff Network A Waste Of Time?

Blastoff Network is a shopping portal. It is like your online mall where you will get access to hundreds of stores. It is great concept. I even found Starbucks on it. Now I am personally not sure how that will work. Will they ship to my house my medium bold coffee with cream and splender? Or maybe they will give me some kind of reference number that I will take to the nearby Starbucks coffee shop. They have stores like Macy’s, Target, Office Depot, Best Buy, Anne Klein and Many More. I don’t know about you, but I love Macy’s.

So how do you get paid with this company? Basically the products and services that they are promoting are at a discounted price. When you purchased these products, basically part of the discounts goes to your pocket. For everyone that purchased from these websites as a result of your invitation directly or indirectly, a percentage of the discount that they will receive goes to your pocket also. That sounds like a cool concept.

However, Blastoff Network is also claiming that they are not an MLM business. They are free to join. There are no requirements to be a member and there are no membership fees. And you don’t have to buy anything. These are definitely lot of good stuff if you are trying to recruit just about anyone. They are also good stuff for people that have no money to make. If you are really interested in making money, you would understand that it actually cost money to start any business. If you are not willing to invest $500-$1000 to start a business, then you have no business being in business.

First, the claim that Blastoff Network is not MLM is a bogus claim.

MLM represent Multi Level Marketing.  Blastoff Network said that you just have to invite your friends and people in your network to join the website. That sounds like Network marketing to me. Not only that, Blastoff Network will pay you up to the 10th level. That sounds like multi level marketing. There is nothing wrong with this. But I am just curious why Blastoff network is running away from the term MLM.

Can You Really Make Money With The Blastoff Network?

The answer is yes. Is it as simple as they are making it sounds? The answer is NO. If you are interested in making extra $50 per month, then you can definitely make that from Blast off Network by treating it as a hobby. But to make at least 5 figure monthly income, you have to take it as a real business that it is.

You need to find ways to market this business opportunity online if you are serious about making any significant amount money on the internet. What most blastoff people are doing is posting this on people’s Facebook walls and bombarding the inbox with it. This is a non effective way of marketing any business. This is called interruption marketing. You need an attraction marketing system.

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