A Review of David Bach’s Automatic Millionaire International. Automatic Huh?

Let me just get this out of the way right now about Automatic Millionaire International . There is absolutely nothing automatic about becoming a millionaire. If there is, I guarantee you more people will be millionaire now. As a matter of fact, there is nothing about being an automatic thousand-naire. There is hard work involve.  To take it a step further, there is nothing automatic about remaining a millionaire. If not careful, you will fall off. You have to be focused. You have to have a clear goal. And you have to have a clear pathway to achieve these short and long term clear defined goals.  I just need to get that out of the way.  What is the big deal about this new direct sale company that is making noise? Usually the empty drums make the most noise. Is that true in this case of Automatic Millionaire International?

automatic Millionaire International david bachAutomatic Millionaire International was started by David Bach and powered by PRO U . Now David Bach is a popular #1 New York Times bestselling author who has writing many books in the finance niche. He has obviously appeared on TV and shows like the Oprah Show. Does he have credibility? Yes he does have credibility. I have no doubt that he knows what he will teach and what he is doing in terms of running the Automatic Millionaire International direct selling business.  However, I am not necessarily endorsing this direct selling for everyone for reasons that will be obvious in the coming paragraphs.

It is important to consider the product and services being offered by Automatic Millionaire International direct selling business. Automatic Millionaire is a top tier direct selling business. Top Tier in a nutshell simply means you will have to put in lot of money to buy the packages. To become eligible to promote Pro U products, you have to be a certified Pro U marketing partner which comes with an annual cost of 199 per year.  You will be paid anything from 10% to 50% of the sales made through your link.  This could be lot of money only if you know what you are doing.

Automatic Millionaire International Educational packages

You can partner with Automatic Millionaire International on 5 different levels.

* Foundation Membership: This will cost you $ 99.95 per month, or $495 per year. This comes with some newsletters, monthly coaching calls, membership areas etc.

* Silver Membership: This comes with The Automatic Millionaire Mastery Program, Pro U Courses: Pro Why, Pro Sales and Pro Service.  The price for this is $1,895 and you will get a 25 Pro U credits.

* Gold Membership: This comes with tickets for two to the Automatic Millionaire Gold Summit Conference with the financial Guru, Pro U Course: Pro Legal, Your first month My Pro Law membership, with a 20% discount on all legal services. This will cost you $7,990 and you will get a 60 Pro U credits.

* Platinum Membership:  You will get two tickets to a 3-day Automatic Millionaire Platinum Summit Conference with David Bach and Pro U Course: Pro Leadership. The price for this is $16,990 and you will get 70 Pro U credits.

* Black Membership: This comes with two tickets to the exclusive private 2-day Automatic Millionaire Black Retreat with the David Bach himself. This will earn you 100 Pro U Credits. The price for this is $39,980.

Note:  that the prices stated above come with the respective previous lower packages.

As you can see yourself, the prices for the Automatic Millionaire International packages are not cheap. Do not borrow money to join Automatic Millionaire International. I don’t really care how many times the word “automatic” appears in the company’s name. There is nothing automatic in becoming wealthy. Also keep in mind that you are paying for EDUCATION here.  You will still need money to implement whatever he is preaching.  Now, I am NOT saying that you should not partner with this company. But there are certain skills set that must be mastered.

Becoming A Millionaire With David Bach’s Automatic Millionaire International

You must master marketing. Please this is very critical to your success in Automatic Millionaire International. This is not the direct selling or MLM business that you will make a dime by writing down the name of 100 people that you know.  I have a feeling that your broke uncle (who is having problem paying his mortgage) does not have $39,980 to give now. This is not the direct selling that you will make a dime by doing Starbucks presentation. If you partner up with David Bach with that idea in your head, I can almost guarantee you that you will be broke in no time.  You must master the 21st century direct response marketing strategies.  There are many of them.

You MUST have sales funnel. You must know and master the art or science of leads generation for your Automatic Millionaire International business. This involves you knowing where your audiences are hanging out. For the most part, your audiences are not people looking to make extra $50 per month. Your audiences are affluent people already.  After you collect these leads, you must master how to convert your leads to customers.  This involves building a trust relationship with them. In other words, they must trust you. Your funnel must gradually breed your leads up to the point where they are comfortable in partnering up with you in the Automatic Millionaire International direct selling business.  This will take some work. You can trust me on that.

You need an Attraction Marketing System. This is nothing but a training portal and a platform.  Without a doubt, you can do this yourself.  But your work will be 101.5% easier if you used an attraction marketing system platform which will basically take care of many of the technical part for you. I am sure one of the principles that David Bach will teach is the concept of leverage.  You must leverage the internet. You must leverage an attraction marketing system. Focus more on the money making activities like converting your leads to Automatic Millionaire International/Pro U Marketing partner.

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