Efusjon Energy Club Business Review: A review of their Compensation Plan

Efusjon compensatoin planThis is the area that everyone is interested in, which is the Efusjon Compensation plan. I really don’t make big deal out of the compensation plan. In spite of the way you get paid with the Efusjon business opportunity , you will generate most of the cash as soon as you know how to market yourself as a brand. All the top earners in the Efusjon Energy club are promoting themself but it is not automatically trained to the regular folks like you and I.

To be an executive in the Efusjon Energy Club, you have to recruit at least 3 associates in your team. You have to also sell $120 volume of the Efusjon products. Nonetheless, If you end recruiting after you have your three associates and you constraint yourself to this sales volume, you will not make any money. You can allude to me on that.

In addition, In the Efusjon energy club, you get paid only to the 15th level. There are companies that actually pay you to an infinity level after you have met some defined requirements. Its not like I am criticizing Efusjon on this issue because frankly, there is a enormous opportunity to make money in the Efusjon business. 4.25% of the total sales volume of all the associates in your organization that you enrolled or someone in your team enrolled. are yours. You, additionally get rewarded 1.25% of the sales volume production of the representatives that were placed in the matrix through community overlap.

In conclusion, here is the vital inquiry. Should you link up with the Efusjon energy club? As you can speculate by now, this is a decision that you will have to make for yourself. Is Efusjon a scam? NO. Are there other opportunities out there with superior products? YES. Have we seen an MLM opportunity with better compensation plan? YES. But the reality is; if you have enough influence on people, if you are a brand name, If you possess the ability to sell yourself, and if you have an online MLM lead generation system in place, none of these short comings of the Efusjon business opportunity will really matter because people will stick to you nonetheless.

The same problem facing a regular Efusjon energy club member is other MLM professionals, and that is not having access to leads. Using the worn out methods of prospecting and recruiting in the Efusjon energy club opportunity can be compared to the Israelite journey from Egypt to the Canaan land. A 40 days journey became a 40 years journey. You can build your Efusjon business quicker if you leverage the internet and brand yourself online.

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