EIRO Research Review: Another Health MLM Scam?

Looking For Reviews or Eiro Research Scam related information?.

Problem is people keep joining without LEARNING what I am about to show you below for FREE… EIRO Research is not a Scam.

“EIRO comes from the Portuguese word ‘inteiro’ — meaning whole.” EIRO Research is promoting being whole in every aspect of life. I personally like that concept. Sometimes we get carried away with the financial aspect of life. Now, I know that is important. But you should be concerned also with your health, mental state and other aspect of life.

EIRO2bottlesNot surprisingly, this company is focused on health related products. This is where most of the new MLM start ups are focusing on these days. I believe in innovation or uniqueness. However with the state of the health awareness now, I don’t believe this area is saturated yet with.

The Alleged Eiro Research Scam Does Distribute Products.

This is an antioxidant that is manufactured from 5 fruits named CAJA, ACEROLA, CAMU CAMU, POMEGRANATE and the famous AÇAÍ. For those who are not familiar with antioxidants, they are nutrients that fight radicals in the body which has tendencies to cause diseases.

EIRO Research also makes EIRO ENERGY. This is an energy product which is another alleged substitute for coffee. Good luck with replacing coffee like I always say.

EIRO Research also promotes a weight loss management system called EIROfit. This consists of EIROLean and EIROburn. I am not trying to confuse anybody here. So I will not go into any details about these products. Just understand that EIROLean is a protein product while EIROburn is a fat burner. The EIROfit weight management system comes with a diet recommendation and exercise recommendation. The company is currently having a contest to see who will lose the most weight.  This is an ethical project and last thing that should be on a prospects mind is “Eiro Research scam or not” unless they don’t believe in themselves.

Eiro Research Scam?

I am not interested in criticizing any MLM company’s products. However, EIRO Research did little to tell you what really matters when it comes to weight management. They are sending a false sense of optimism in my opinion. Your physique is ninety percent made in the kitchen. Even though EIRO Research has a diet recommendation, but that diet recommendation will NOT work for all sizes and most people. From a business stand point, it makes sense for EIRO Research.

How marketable at these products offered by EIRO research? They are marketable. As mentioned earlier, people are increasingly trying to be healthy and lean. So they are willing to jump to anything that appears to solve that issue.

There are people making money but those who don’t label Eiro Research SCAM.

Their compensation plan is identical to many other MLM businesses out there. They advice you to recruit five associates. And help those associates do the same thing. You will make money only when you help them make money. It is not the best compensation plan that I have seen. But it is good enough.

Here is the bottom line, EIRO Research is a good company that presents you with a great opportunity to market some health related products and make money doing it. Let us get a fact straight though. You will not make enough money by just marketing the products. Leverage is the name of the game and you will need to recruit many more soldiers like you to do the same activities that you will be doing. Your warm market will not be enough to build wealth in any MLM business. You need to master the art of marketing using the internet so you don’t end up labelling Eiro Research scam.


This Company has ceased operation because of a sharp drop in the revenue.

This is definitely not a good news to the EIRO distributors.  But I want you to realistically ask yourself a question? will the EIRO president or founder become poor now? OR there is a chance that he is taking a vacation somewhere on a private boat on the beach to just cool his head off?  This is not a question of integrity or not. This is an issue of business.

Closing down EIRO Research was a business decision made by businessman.

Emotional Decisions has no or little place in business decisions.

You must protect yourself as a 21st century entrepreneur.  Get out of that representative or distributorship mentality.  This is your business.

How do you protect yourself? By having your own list. Period point blank.

When you have your own list, you can promote whatever MLM businesses that you wish to promote to them. This will be YOUR OWN list and NOT Eiro research or any company.

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  1. Unfortunately EIRO just announced that it has ceased operations. You can go to their home page to get further details.


    Kim Ward

  2. Thanks for the update Kim. This is why we must build our own list. Because these business owners make business decision when it is necessary EVERY-TIME. It is called being an entrepreneur. This is what business man and woman do. and Network Marketing will NOT be different. This is why Distributors/associates/reps MUST snap out of that owner’s integrity nonsense mentality. . BUILD YOUR OWN LIST. Protect yourself.

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