Freelife International Review. How To Be A Multiple 6 Figures Earner

freelife internationalFreelife International is a network marketing business that is marketing weight loss products. As of the time of this article, they are located in 26 countries. That is a positive. It shows that the Network Marketing Company growing. So the question is how do you become a multiple six figure earner with this MLM Company? What are the products being promoted be Freelife international and are they marketable? How come 97% of the distributors for this company will not make more than $10 per week?

Free Life International is marketing weight loss products as I mentioned earlier. Examples of the products are GoChi and REVERSE! ® (anti aging). Their products extend to vitamins, anti oxidants, bone and joint health, eye health, fitness energy etc. The fact is that the wellness industry will soon reach the $1 trillion mark annually. That is huge. You cannot go wrong marketing these kinds of products.

How marketable are the products being marketed by Freelife International and what is the Competition? There are about 4800 Network marketing companies out there now. Out of the 4800, 4200 are marketing wellness products. So do you think that is highly competitive? Off course it is a competitive field. That is NOT a good thing in terms of the ease at which you can market the product and the business opportunity. Can you still make money with Freelife International? Yes you can.

How To Be A Top Earner With Freelife International

You have to build a huge organization with this MLM business to make any substantial money. The money is in the volume. Trust me; you can not sell enough products to give you financial freedom. You need soldiers like you out there doing exactly what you are doing. If you focus on selling products, you will barely make any money because you just made yourself a sales associate. In that case, you are better off getting a job at a vitamin store. You are an entrepreneur. Spend most of your energy on recruiting business minded people like you and not people that you will need to baby-sited.

To be a top earner with this business opportunity, you have to learn how to market yourself as a leader. The only reason people will join Freelife international is because of you. You have to brand yourself as a leader. No one wants to work with an amateur. You have to be influential. It is a process. With the traditional way of building a network marketing organization, it might take 2-5 yrs. In the 21st century way of building Network marketing business, it might take just 30 days.

You need to master the science of leads generation. You have to understand that success in Freelife international is a numbers game. You must present your business to lot of people every day. You must have more people to talk to than you can possibly talk to. This will remove the emotion from the recruiting process. This will allow you to maintain your posture, which is extremely important. With an attraction marketing system, there are people generating anywhere from 20 to 100 MLM leads every day. How fast do you think your business will grow if you are generating that much MLM leads?

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