Becoming A 6 Figures Monthly Income Earner in Global Resort Network

As you are probably aware by now, Global Resort Network is a Network Marketing company that is giving regular folks like you and I the chance to be financially free. You are on this page now because you are wondering if Global Resorts Network is the global resort networksright company for you and you are looking for information about the company. You might also be on this page because you are wondering if Global Resorts Network is a scam. Well, the answer to that is no. Global Resorts Network is not a scam. I will examine Global Resorts Network product, their compensation plan, their leadership and how to position you to be a six figure monthly earner in this MLM business.

Global Resort Network Product

Global Resort Network is marketing a discount luxury travel membership that gives access to exclusive traveling deals. With their membership, you will get discounted deals on exotic and luxurious vacation deals. They have two level memberships which are the Gold membership and the platinum membership at the entrance level price of $1495 and $2995 respectively.

The question that you should be asking though is; how marketable are the Global Resort Network traveling deals? I will be very frank and sincere with you, they not very marketable. We are in a tough economy situation. You do not need a cable TV to really know that. People don’t travel that much anyway enough to put down this amount of money for a membership. Also, if you go on the internet, there is a huge amount of traveling deals there. So the competition is high. That is why it is extremely important for you to know your audience.

Furthermore, when you compare Global Resort Network membership to the lotions, potions, juices and all the magic pills out there, I will pick Global Resort Network product in a heart bit. About 95% of the MLM Companies out there are in the wellness industry. This is just my opinion; I am not trying to bash any Juice or vitamin company out there. Global Resort Network travelling membership seems more appealing.

Global Resort Network Perpetual Leverage Compensation Plan.

Global Resort Network is a top tier MLM Business. In other words, as said earlier, it is more expensive to join them when you compare this to regular juice MLM Company. I will not get into the details about this compensation plan. Just understand that for every platinum membership sales that you make (with the exception of the qualifying sale), you will earn an affiliate commission of $1000 on your first level. That is a lot of commission for one sale. Basically, all you have to do is figure out how to make 10 platinum sales per month to get to a five Figure monthly income. This is not true for low tier companies.

Furthermore on the Global Resort Network compensation plan, you will make some override commission for the sales that your recruits make. For example, on your second level, you will get paid $1000 on the platinum sales that they make with the exception of that level qualifying sales. Without saying more, you should know by now that this Global Resort Network Perpetual Leverage Compensation Plan could turn your life around if you figure out how to make these sales. Making these sales is easier said than done.

Becoming A 6 Figures Monthly Income Earner in Global Resort Network

You have to become a Master Marketer. I cannot emphasize this enough. The Old methods of practicing Network Marketing will be completely non-effective when it comes to Global Resort Networks. Imagine going to your broke uncle and asking him to come up with $2995 for an exotic membership deals. Your warm markets are not necessarily your audience when it comes to making Global Resort Network platinum sales. You have to be a master marketer.

Becoming a master marketer in Global Resort Network involves recognizing your audience. Is your audience the people that travel a lot? The answer to that is NO. Your audience is the people that are tired of working 9-5 and are willing to do anything to change that around. Your Global Resort Network audiences are the people that are tired of trading time for money. Why can’t you have both time and money? Your audiences are people who have this money and are willing to invest in knowledge and open to other ways to make money the 21st century way. I hope you are getting my point now.

Becoming a Global Resort Network master marketer involves you learning all the necessary skills that you will need to reach this audience. One of the top income earners in Global Resort Network, Mark Hoverson used Google Pay per Click to become a multi millionaire. Other marketing methods including Search Engine optimization (SEO), article marketing, Video marketing, Classified Ads, Facebook Pay Per Click, Twitter, Social Media Marketing etc. If you want to become a rock star like Mark Hoverson, you have to be willing to learn at least 1 or 2 of these methods and become great at it.

Lastly, you must generate leads online. The whole purpose of learning those marketing strategies is to generate hot and qualified leads. Some of the leads will buy right away from you. With some of them, you have to build a relationship with them by creating a crazy effective marketing funnel. The bottom line is that you have to start first by an Online Lead generation system. We have guys now generating 50 – 100 leads every day and some of them are even in Global Resort Network.

Before you waste your money and join Global Resort Network, you have to determine if you are ready to do what the top income earners in Global Resort Network are doing.

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  1. You hit it on the head about having success in Global resorts network and any network marketing company in that respect.

    Becoming a master at marketing and understanding that you need to get good a traditional network marketing but also can learn how to harness the power of the internet to help generate quality leads to build your business.

    In Success,
    Howie Perks

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