Why Herbalifecentral Will Not Be Useful For 97% Of Herbalife Distributors

herbalifecentralThis post is not meant to bash herbalifecentral or the people that log on to the website. However, I can tell you for a fact now that Herbalifecentral is not the only Online Tool for Herbalife Distributors that are interested in making lot of money in their business. When it comes to making multiple six figures income in your Herbalife business, you will need more than Herbalifecentral. And I will shed more light on this in this post.

Your biggest asset as a Herbalife distributor is your list. When I am talking about list, I am not talking about your family and friends. Initially when you started with Herbalife, I am sure you wrote down the name of your warm market and invited them to home meeting. This is ok JUST to launch your business. However you cannot make millions of dollars with just family and friends. You need an online tool that will help you build your list. Herbalifecentral will not help you build a list.

Herbalifecentral is a good tool to check your downline. However, herbalifecentral will not build that downline for you.

As you and I know, to make money in Herbalife, you have to build a huge downline. You are NOT a sales rep. At least 97% of your energy should be spent on bringing people to your team. If you spend energy and time on selling any vitamins or any products, you are better off working as a sales associate in the vitamins store. You need an online tool that will help your recruiting effort and help you build a huge organization. You will not do this on the herbalifecentral website.

The skill set that you need to master is how to generate MLM leads to explode your Herbalife business. You will not generate leads with herbalifecentral. Like I said before, you will not make lot of money by just pitching your business to family and friends. As a matter of fact, your family will be your biggest critics especially if you don’t have a history of business success. You have to learn how to generate MLM leads because you have to present your business to lot of people. Generating MLM leads is so simple now that even a cave man can do it. You need an online Lead Generation system. This system is also called attraction marketing system.

One critical benefit of an attraction marketing system is that it will teach you how to brand yourself as a leader. People will only join your Herbalife team because of you and not because of the products. Herbalife has great products without any doubt. But people will not join your business because of it. When you are a leader, your prospect will see you as someone that can lead then to financial freedom. So the question now is how do you become a leader? A leader is someone that offers value. The more value you have, the more you will have to offer. Checking Herbalifecentral every day will not increase the value you have to offer your prospects. This is where an attraction marketing system comes into play.

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