A Review Of Ijango Business Opportunity

If you want to know more about IJango and you want to read an honest review regarding the said company, then you are in the correct page. What I will be giving you in this article is an evaluation of the IJango. IJango is another MLM network marketing company that’s making a little buzz around the MLM industry. Whenever I am reviewing any company, there are few things that I must consider and that includes company leadership, what products and services they offer to the public and how to achieve financial freedom with the business opportunity they offer.

Getting information about the leadership of any company you want to sign up with is vitally important. When we speak about IJango’s leadership, they have Steve Smith as the co-founder of IJango who happened to be the previous MLM expert and co-founder of Excel Communications. He has profound background when it comes to network marketing and business. However, some controversies are being attached to this leader regarding his previous companies.

What IJango offers to the public is a the iJango web portal. This allows people to access online merchants and social media. The basic concept of IJango portal is similar to how iGoogle homepage works and also imports the different websites people used to visit and use day after day. As what they have claimed, you can have commissions when someone clicks on any website using your portal. On the other side, there is no clear explanation on how much the commission is and where would it come from.

With those things said, I still can’t say yet that IJango is a scam. I could still see the real money to be generated with this industry. But how are you going to have that potential income generating machine with this company? The solution is that, you need to learn how to market and brand you as a leader. That way, your business will grow and grow more. Branding you as a leader is very important since this will let you stand out off other marketers. If you’re a leader, you become the one who’s chased and not the chaser.

It is also very necessary to have an online system to generate high quality leads for you at great quantity each day. Since you need at least 30 people to talk to every day (That is our Cutoff), this becomes vitally important for you and your business. But if you resort to buy leads, you must be planning to become financially broke. Generate your own leads and your business will generate substantial amount of income for you.

If you are tired of chasing family and friends, doing endless home meetings, going to weekly Saturday hotel meetings still with no success, take action today.

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