iLearning Global (TV) MLM Review: Is Online Learning that Expensive?

The main reason why you’re here reading this article is obviously because you want to learn more information about this company named iLearning Global or ILG and you are to consider signing up with them. Or, if you’re already in the iLearning Global, you are probably searching for ways on how to grow your business rapidly. You’re in the right page. In this article, you will find an honest review about the company named iLearning Global.

As you probably know already, iLearning Global is an MLM company that is information based. Launched on the March of 2008, iLearning Global markets its products utilizing MLM business model. Few measuring sticks will be used in reviewing this company including leadership of the company, how marketable their product line is and finally how to make money with the business opportunity they offer.

ilearning Global Product/service

Ilearning global basically markets business related information. You will have access to high definition video, E-books, audio training from leader and experts in their respective expertise. Example of the information that you will have access to as a customer or marketer includes Setting Goals, Tax Reduction Strategies,  Marketing, Sales Management, Leadership, Sales, Time Management, and even Relationships

Well as you know, these trainings are not free.  You can join as a basic or standard membership. This will cost you $79.95 per month.  This will give you access to the basic training. You are a customer until you sponsor someone. Then you will be upgraded (so to say) to a marketer.  The next level above this is the premium membership. This will cost you a monthly subscription of $99.95. Off course, you will have access to more advanced trainings with the premium membership.

The next level after this is the Edge program. Edge stands for Expert Directed Guided Education. This is a more advanced training with more variety of trainings towards the challenges faced by entrepreneurs.  The cost of the Edge program itself is $79.95 every month in addition to whatever member you have before. So If you have the basic membership, you monthly membership fee will be $159.90/month. This is called the Edge Standard. The Edge premium fee is $179.90 every month with more advanced trainings.

ilearning Global Leaders

Well, this should be the least of your concern with people like John McLelland, Brian Tracy, Richmond Flowers and Bill Rowland associated with the company, I will not spend much time on this area.

ilearning Global Positives

The compensation for this company is one of the easiest one that I have seen out there. You will get commission based on the monthly subscriptions of your team. The percentage that you will get clearly will depend on the mastermind level where you place the new marketer. You would have to be a premium member to get bonus on your personally recruited member who is upgrading to a premium member. The same principle applies to anyone upgrading to the edge program. These are all basic MLM compensation structures.

The product is somewhat marketable relatively speaking. I mean you have companies out there selling wonder and magic juices. There are MLM companies marketing lotion, potions and all that great stuff. I am not knocking on any one. As a matter of fact, the people that make the most money in the MLM industry mostly sell Wonder and Magic juice from somewhere in Jupitar. (lol). That was a joke. I am just saying, I would rather market a non-consumable product.

Another positive that is obvious to me with ilearning global is the fact that there is a difference between the sponsorship tree and the placement tree. Many of the bonuses will come from the people that you personally sponsor.  You can still place this people wherever you want in the Mastermind Organization to maximize your income.

Why I won’t join ilearning Global.

In my opinion, the membership cost is too pricey. Let’s do a simple mathematics here. Make no mistake about it, the start up cost is not $79.95. As a basic member/marketer, your total cost would be ($79.95 x 12months = $959.40). Let us not be delusional here, initially before you build a huge organization, you income will come from the bonus. So you must upgrade to the premium membership. Further mathematics, for premium member, your total cost is ($99.95 x 12months = $1199.40), Well, I will let you do the mathematics for edge standards and edge premiums which is where the real money is.

So, for people with the required skills set to succeed in MLM business, this is not expensive. If you are paying $179.90/month and you are making $20,000/month that seems like a good deal to me. However, 99% of the people that will sign up into your Mastermind Organization and probably you, do not have the necessary skills set to build a successful MLM organization. There is a learning curve that is inevitable. So it is safe to assume that you will be bankrupt first (from the membership fees) before you start making money.

The marketability of the service or product is also a big concern for me. The question that I really like to ask is that; if you lose your job, would you still subscribe to the services? If you lose your job, you will still find a way to pay your phone bills. If you will lose your job, you will still watch TV and possibly pay for your internet connections. If you lose your job, would still pay $99.95/month for premium membership?

Are you telling me that all those financial education are not available on Google and Barns Nobles?

Bottom Line about ilearning Global

You can make money with this company. As a matter of fact, one of our mentors is currently making 5figure income every month with this company. This is because he has mastered these 2 crucial skills set necessary to succeed in any MLM business

  • He has learned how to market himself and subsequently his business opportunity. The problem is we spend so much time pitching our business to people. This is not effective. Learn how to promote yourself as leader. People do business with people.
  • Learn how to generate leads online. We are in the internet age. Leverage this powerful tool. In any MLM business, you will make money when you have more leads than you can possibly talk to. This guy is currently generating between 50 -100 leads everyday. No wonder is a recruiting machine. You have to be one to make money with ilearning global.

With the high price of joining ilearning Global, chasing family and friends, doing the annoying 3ft rule is an automatic expressway to bankruptcy. Take your business to another level today and do what the ilearning Global top Money makers are doing.  Take Action. Good luck

PS: The MLM Division of iLearning Global has just been shut down

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  1. Shane Hartman // March 18, 2010 at 10:07 am //

    If you ask me, it’s a step in the right direction for iLG!

    The company has way too much value to be using MLM as a vehicle for growth! Now I will consider making use of the extremely valuable content on the portal at a much better price!

    Way to go iLG!!!

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