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March 21, 2011 MLM COMPANIES

Polycarbonate Containers is the product of a MLM Company known as Tupperware. The idea is created by Earl Silas Tupper, Thomas Damigella and Brownie Wise. This article is not going to be about Tupperware’s reliability or their product. I want to share with you your possibilities of success with building an organization at this company. Not one of the obvious things will determine if you will make a dime in the Tupperware business opportunity. Some few things you should be aware of will determine the possibility of financial independence for you.

tupperware reviewsI came across a few Tupperware reviews on the internet. It seems that all of the authors have one thing and one thing only in common. They are writing the reviews in order to attract Tupperware reps to their website in the hopes that they will buy something. I will generic but extremely honest in my review. Let’s just say what I say will be applicable to any MLM opportunity.

You should see a red light anytime you are reading a review and all it is bashing Tupperware unless it is Fox News. Simply run as they are not after your best interest. It is exactly that typically. Recruiting you into their own home business is their primary goal. This is why I laugh every time someone tells me they want to do a research after introducing them to a business opportunity such as Tupperware. 99.39% of the time, they meant Google search.

Tupperware claims are pointless Those claims more than often comes from an ignorant prospect. Secondly, disappointed reps will transmit such claims.

Prospects will normally have a defensive wall up when sharing your Tupperware opportunity. The first thing that comes to their mind are the scam news that they are used hearing on late news. Most Network Marketing start ups fold up quite often too.

That will scare most of your prospects in my opinion anyway. However, this general claims on Multilevel Marketing companies is simply not enough to scare real entrepreneurs of an opportunity that absolutely makes sense to them. Most MLM companies will never guarantee your success anyway as it depends your efforts.

Can Anyone Really Claim that Tupperware is a Scam?

At the moment of this writing, no proof of such accusation. Of course, Multilevel Marketing start-up companies close down as much as traditional business within the first 5 years statistically speaking.

Branding and marketing is something you can’t ignore if you plan on Recruiting into your Tupperware home business. Have I said anything about marketing and branding? No. Right now, I am talking about positioning in a way that it didn’t matter if it was Polycarbonate Containers or any other kind of product. Your perceived of value and that of your recommendation is why your prospects will listen to you. A big part of the equation is relationship building.

In Spite of the Already Present Relationship, Most Distributors Fail at Recruiting their Family and Friends into Tupperware. Why?

Let me be clear here. You do want to utilize your existing Rolodex as prospects but that doesn’t ensure Recruiting any of them. As far as you are concerned, they are simply prospects that you need to go through with the right skill set. It doesn’t end there. You need more leads after going through them. Lead generation and its training are your duty and may never come from Tupperware That is your burden.

Your target is to be able to share the Tupperware opportunity with as many people as possible and not worry if they join. You are just doing the prospect a favor by sharing it. If you get your self to that level, being successful in Tupperware is a no-brainer. Pleading with people to join will make you sound needy and they won’t join.

In the long run, one thing will be responsible your success in Tupperware. My friend, that will be you. Right before you is the Polycarbonate Containers. You will fail at initiatives to market the product if you don’t belive in it. Going through the appropriate marketing education and realizing the need is your key to success in Tupperware.

The Tupperware training that is provided to you by their corporate is usually not adequate. Bringing up leadership over and over is not enough; what it really takes to work a business is often not touched on. What action to take is missing in lots of corporate trainings including that of Tupperware.

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