jusuruJUSURU seems to be marketing a great product in the JUSURU blend. But how good is that to you if the compensation is not made to monetize your effort? Just like any other MLM opportunity out there, to make money in the JUSURU business opportunity, you need to sell the Jusuru juice and you need to get people that will sell the Jusuru juice. You need to build an organization. You need to recruit people. I hope you are not scared of that word recruit. Leverage is the name of the game.

There are nine ways that you get paid with the JUSURU compensation plan. DIRECT SALES: you will get paid up to 30% for every bottle that you sell. That is a lot of commission. PREFERRED CUSTOMER BONUS: your customers will get 15% of the retail price and you will make15% profit too. FAST START BONUS; you will earn up to 20% of the sales of the people you personally recruited in their first 60 days in the business. TEAM COMMISSIONS, ENROLLER BONUS, TURBO INFINITY BONUS, LEADER CHECK MATCH, LEADERSHIP POOLS and CAR BONUS.

This is one of the best compensation that I have seen out there. However, the compensation for any company is usually the last factor that we consider. If you do not know how to market this product and promote the business opportunity, how will you make this money that is on the table?

The only negative part that I see with the Jusuru business opportunity is the training system. It is HIGHLY important that the Jusuru distributors are trained how to build their business from the bottom to the top in a relatively short period of time. There is a reason why 97% of Network Marketers fail in their business. Jusuru, just like other MLM companies out there are still promoting the traditional method of MLM prospecting.

The traditional methods include attending JUSURU meetings, conference calls, 3 Feet rule, chasing family and friends, buying of cold leads. I am not trying to say that these traditional methods are out dated. Because some people are still using it build their business effective. The problem is that these people are just 1% of the total MLM professionals out there. But there is a better and more effective way to build your business and get to the top of JUSURU in a very short time. The concept is called Attraction Marketing. You need to leverage the internet. You need an Online MLM lead generation system

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