Jusuru International REVIEW: A review of the JUSURU BLEND

jusruuuJusuru is one of the latest MLM Company. Is Jusuru a scam? My guess is no. There are different considerations that we use to evaluate a company. The Ownership and leadership of the company is usually the first measuring stick that we use. However, when the company is a start up company, there is usually limited information on the ownership except when the name of the owner is Trump. However, we can tell that the leaders of Jusuru are from all over the globe.

The president and CEO of the company is Asma Ishaq. She was featured on the video on the Jusuru website where she traveled to a village in Asia. She basically discussed the source of the Jusuru blend in this video and how it is allegedly helping the folks at that village to live longer.

Another measuring stick that we use in evaluating an MLM company is the product and how marketable are the products being promoted by the company. The drink that Jusuru is promoting is also named Jusuru. This is a blend of some different type of vegetables that obviously does good things in the body.

Without getting much into the scientific details of the Jusuru Blend, the drink provides hyaluronic acid, and collagen among other things for the body. As the human body gets older, the hyaluronic acid in the body starts to decrease in the body and the collagen starts to get weaker. You can get the hyaluronic acid, collagen surgically I believe from through plastic surgery. Jusuru blend will allegedly supply them naturally. Other ingredients are antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids.

In terms of the market for this product, in my opinion, the market for the product should be better than the average. You should not have any problem in selling it. People are becoming more heath cautious. Everybody seems to be joining one gym or the other. There is a reason why diet pills are very popular now. People are not willing to put in the work necessary at the kitchen and at the gym. So any magic juice now should sell fast. Will Jusuru juice do what the company is claiming? Well I do not have the answer to that. Let’s hope the answer is yes for your business sake. Integrity is everything in the MLM business.

In conclusion, Even though Jusuru blend looks very promising, if you do not know how to market yourself, people will not join your business. Even if the Jusuru blend makes people lose 30lbs in a day, people need to trust you and believe that you can lead them to the promise land. How are you branding yourself?

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