Livethesource Network Marketing Success Secrets: A Review

Livethesource is another MLM company that is giving you and me the opportunity to better ourselves and create financial freedom for ourselves and our family. You are on this page most likely because you are considering joining them. You might also be here because you are part of them already and you are looking for ways to take your business to the next level. Well, you have come to the right page for Livethesource Review .

The founding fathers of Livethesource include Ted Farnsworth, Bob Ellis, John Neubauer and Paul Peccianti. Ted Farnsworth was the one who had the idea at first and it became reality when he partnered up with the remaining three gentle men. The group has an extensive network marketing experience. This simply means that they can relate better to the distributors than owners who are just business men that are focused on profitability every time.

Livethesource markets vitamins including dailysource™, Vitamin Booster D3 and Niacin. I will not get into the effectiveness of this product because honestly, I have not tried the product. The question you should be asking is how marketable are these products. Selling of vitamins, juice, lotions is not really my thing. I prefer to promote stuff that people will need even in a tough economy. Example of this would be telecommunication services or gold and silver. However, you can still market the vitamins because the health industry in growing fast everyday.

Livethesource Network Marketing Success Secrets

To really make lot of money in the Livethesource mlm, you must master the art of online mlm lead generation. You should know by now that the biggest tool in the network marketing business is your list. You must build a huge list to make any significant amount of money in the industry. The first 100-200 list that you made from your warm market (if you did) is not enough. Your list has to be bigger than that.

The 21st century way of building a huge list is through an online lead generation system. This is what the entire top money earner in network marketing is using. This system will brand you as a leader. You have to leverage the internet. All the richest people in the world have presence on the internet. If I type your name on Google, will I find anything? When people type your name on the search engine and they found your name and work all over the place, that is powerful. With the Online MLM system, people can opt in for a chance to work with you.

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