Why Mannatech Is Not A Scam By A Third Party Expert

Is Mannatech A scam? That is the question that I have been bombarded lately with from people who someone are skeptical about joining this business opportunity. No Mannatech is not a scam. Mannatech is a legit business opportunity that gives you and me a chance to better our life with the opportunity to be financially free and not necessarily pass on dept to the next generation.

The real is question is why are people calling Mannatech a scam. Well you first have to understand that 99% of the people on the internet do not know what they are talking about. The internet is a free market where anyone can go on and post anything on it. The term pyramid, which actually fit corporate word more, is what is attribute to the MLM industry. But what they do not understand is the concept of leverage. The same concept that apparently all the richest people in the world are using to the fullest.

The prove that shows that Mannatech MLM is not a scam is that fact that they have products that they are marketing. Mannatech markets  Optimal Health which includes, Advanced Ambrotose™ (150g),Ambrotose® Complex (100g), Ambrotose AO® (60 capsules) etc. Optimal Skin which also includes; Emprizone® (5oz), Firm with Ambrotose®, Optimal After Shave Milk, Optimal Skin Lotion etc. They also market products in the weight and fitness area. The compensation for the distributors comes from the sales of these products not from recruiting.

It makes you wonder why people call companies like Mannatech a scam? The people that says this are usually those affiliated with them at particular point in time but they do not have any success building their business. What are the skills that separate the Superstars in this industry from the rest?

The top earners in Mannatech and other network marketing company knows how to market. You must master the act of marketing yourself and your business opportunity. I am going to put number on it. Success in the MLM industry is about 70% marketing yourself, 25% marketing your business, and 5% marketing the products. If you focus all your energy on marketing the products, you will not make any money in the Mannatech Network Marketing business. You are not a sales associate. You are a business owner.

Your energy should be focused on sponsoring people and associates like you that will duplicate everything you are doing. This is done more effectively by marketing yourself as leader. People do business with people. The people that see you as a leader are the one that will sign up with you. If your posture is not right, and if you are the one begging people to make money with you, most likely they will not sign up with you. People are looking for a leader that will lead them to financial freedom.

How can you improve your posture? You do that by studying books, listening to audio tapes of mindset training. Attend mindset seminars. Go on youtube and listen to videos there. These trainings are all over the place. The question is; do you want to improve? Do you want to work on yourself?

The second major reasons why people fail in the Mannatech business and other network Marketing is that they do not know how to generate mlm leads. To make money in the Network marketing industry, you must have more people to talk to in a day than you can possibly talk to. You must master the art of leads generation.

Generating at least 30 leads per day has become really easy in this age of the internet. The major of advantage of the internet is that the leads are very targeted. All the top earners in Mannatech MLM business all have presence on the internet. Why do you think that yours have to be an exception? You must leverage the internet to make money in the MLM industry in the 21st century.

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