Melaleuca (The Wellness Company) MLM Review; Products and Training Reviews

Melaleuca reminds me of the big companies like Mary Kay and Avon. They have been around for a while that it will be ridiculous think that they are a scam. Well I will  state it again, Melaleuca is not a scam. In this third party review of Melaleuca, I will explain some of the reason why I like Melaleuca and some of the cons of the business opportunity.

Melaleuca (The Wellness Company)  Products Reviews; Pros

Melaleuca call themselves The Wellness Company for a reason. Majority of their products are in the wellness field. With the current increase in the health awareness, you cannot go wrong in this field. People are trying everyday to live healthier. Anything that can help in regards to this will catch their attention. Melaleuca was one of the fist MLM company to market products that promotes healthier living.

Melaleuca (The Wellness Company) Products Reviews; Cons

melaleuca pic for comparisonFurthermore on the Melaleuca products Reviews, Melaleuca also many products that they are marketing and promoting. This is not necessarily a good think in my opinion. Every successful business man will tell you the importance of been focused. We as MLM professionals has to be knowledgeable  on our products. But when you have hundreds of products (ranging from nutrition bars to candles) that you are marketing, how much can your really learn then? You will lose focus easily. This is why majority of Melaleuca associates carry around catalogs. They are nothing but sales associates. I do not find this very attractive.

Melaleuca MLM Training Review

I found it very interesting that Melaleuca placed small emphasis on recruiting. If small emphasis is placed on recruiting, definitely little or no training is provided for their associate on how to effectively prospect and recruit for their MLM business.

If you are looking for extra $100 or $200 per month, maybe you should focus on selling the products alone. But if you want to make a substantial amount of money and make this a full time business, you must recruit business minded people like you. There is no way around this. Melaleuca is doing a horrible job of training their distributors on how to do this.

Bottom Line on Melaleuca Review

To be honest and frank with anyone reading this article, I have seen better MLM opportunities than Melaleuca. But if you decide to become a Melaleuca distributor, you can make money. It all depends on what you do. You need to learn that Art of Marketing. We as Network Marketers, seems to forget that we are marketers. But what do you market? You market yourself.

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