Is Melaleuca, The Wellness Company, A Scam ?

Looking For Melaleuca scam related reviews… No! Melaleuca is not a scam. Problem is people keep joining without LEARNING what I am about to show you below for FREE…

There are lot of buzzes out there about Melaleuca being a scam. I will get some few facts straight out with this article.

Melaleuca scam? NO!.

As a matter of fact, they are a legit business opportunity for those looking to make extra money out of their home and people who really want to potentially build for themselves a full time income. Please note that we are not Melaleuca distributors nor are we associated with them.

One of the factors that you must look at before labelling  Melaleuca scam is the leadership of the company.

Have you read any negative press on the leadership of Melaleuca? My guess is NO. This company is run by Frank L Vandersloot who has taking over their leadership shortly after the company was found. He has made a lot of changes to the company over the years that has proven to be profitable every year.  They have 24 years of consecutive growth revenue wise.

You should also consider the years that they have been in existence before  label Melaleuca scam or not.  It is no secret that majority of businesses will fail actually in their first year. So I understand the skepticism about new MLM companies. Melaleuca however was founded in 1985. They are not a start up company. If you decide to join them now; understand that you are skipping the “growing pain” period. You are basically coming in at the prime to start making some money.

I understand that they were some complaints about the products that Melaleuca is marketing. Actually they had issue with FDA about some of the claims on their products. As a former Quality Engineer in the pharmaceutical industry, I can tell you that FDA is a pain in the  “You know what.” As great as companies like Pfizer or Merck are, they all have issues with FDA every time. This is not enough reason to name Melaleuca scam. The truth is that Melaleuca fixed those problems they had with FDA.

I am sure you will come across former Melaleuca distributors that have some kind of negative comments to make about the company. You will find people like this in ALL MLM companies. These are called the “tired kickers.” These are people that truly belong in the “9-5” world and are not ready for entrepreneurship. These are the people that are not ready to do whatever it takes to be successful. MLM is simple but not easy (at least initially).

Even though Melaleuca is not a scam, the bottom line is this; if you do not know how to market yourself  properly, you will fail with Melaleuca or any other MLM companies out there. Notice that I said “market yourself.” You have to brand yourself as a leader in the Network Marketing Industry. This concept is called Attraction Marketing.

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