MonaVie (Mona Vie) Review: How to be another MonaVie Success

Looking for Monavie reviews??? I know you are here because you are already a MonaVie Distributor and you are looking for a way to explode your business. Or, you might be here because you are looking to join a Network Marketing Company and you are considering MonaVie. Well, in this MonaVie review I will answer the questions that you might have regarding exploding your MonaVie business.

I was looking at the list of the top MLM earners for the previous month. The list has a lot of MonaVie distributors on it. As a matter of fact, the top earners in the whole MLM Lita & Brig Hart are MonaVie distributors. So does that make this the best MLM business out there? No, it does not. There is a secret that these top earners know. For whatever reasons, the average MonaVie distributor does not know this.

Furthermore on the Monavie reviews (Mona Vie), ALL the top earners have a strong presence on the internet.

The MonaVie training system is flawed. Off course if you go to the meeting, they will tell you to write down 100 names, call all of them and invite them to your business launch or Private business reception. Then there is the weekly meeting.

The Idea that you will build a multimillion dollar business with just family and friends is just stupid to me. Then, at some point they will teach you the 3ft rule. Basically this is how you will approach anyone (like at the mall) about your business. These methods ONLY work for 1% of Network Marketers.

There is a HUGE disparity between top earner in the MonaVie business opportunity and the regular distributor.  The average weekly check for a MonaVie distributor is $23. However, the average weekly income for Royal Black Diamond Executive and above is $65,548. Lita & Brig Hart earned $950,000 last month. Can you see this disparity? So what are they not teaching the average MonaVie distributor? What is the secret that makes them a recruiting machine?


You have to keep things simple. I found if very interesting that a lot of new distributors just want to come and become the superstar on their first day. You have to understand that your Monavie upline did not start talking like that on their first day in the business or even their first month. Be who you are. Keep it simple. Do not complicate the Monavie business.

You will not make money if you think that you can run your Monavie business on part time basis. I know that your upline probably told you that you can make full time money by working the business on part-time basis. That is far from the truth. You have to think about your Monavie business 24-7. Even when you are at your JOB, you have to be thinking about it. When you are doing your laundry, you have to be thinking about it. When you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you have to be thinking about your Monavie business. I know you get the point of this (may be) the most blunt of monavie reviews.

I heard this phrase actually from a Monavie diamond. Your Monavie business is about becoming a star and making star. In other words, to make a star, you have to become a star yourself. How do you become a star? It starts from your mindset. You have to continually work on yourself. Read books. Listen to audio books. Try and attend seminars and webinars whenever you can. All these make you a star. After this, making a star becomes relatively easy.

MonaVie Top Earners all have learned a crucial skill that you will need to master in order to explode your MonaVie business. This is what I called the Art of Marketing. The MonaVie top earners all know how to market themselves and NOT MonaVie. See, MonaVie Juice and opportunity is the back hand product. The real product is YOU.

Furthermore on Monavie Reviews…

MonaVie Top Earners all know how to Leverage the internet. If you do not know, now you know. Unless you learn and master how to promote and brand yourself on the internet, it will be extremely difficult to make any real money with the MonaVie Business especially now.

  • As one expert put it recently; “MonaVie is at almost $1billion dollars in annual sales right now… which means they are a very strong, stable, healthy company. It also means that the MAJORITY of all the volume and money flowing through of that company is already established.”

As another friend of mine put it, you need to have an internet game plan. Otherwise, you will fail with MonaVie. I hate to be that blunt, but it’s the truth.
Just a quick reason why you need the internet;
This will allow you to target the specific markets that are willing to listen to what you have to offer.

  • Ps:  That means you are offering values

Just because your uncle Cheney is very nice to you and is always there for you does not mean that he will get in business with you.

You need to generate your leads with your own capture page. This is what the MonaVie top earners are doing. But as you and I know, they will not teach it to everybody.  This is definitely the most honest of  the monavie reviews you will find anywhere.

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  1. Marketing is definatly the most important part of any business. Look at any business and you will find that those which are most successful have the best marketing strategy.

  2. “Well there must be something about this product!”. I uttered this statement years ago and after some time, I finally got the chance to answer that myself. MonaVie is really something that has boosted my health in a positive way.

  3. Synaura // March 5, 2010 at 9:48 pm //

    It really is amazing what some of the top earners in these companies are able to earn.

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