Is A Scam? Monitium True Review

This review is for you if you are wondering if Monitium is a smart choice as a home business platform.

I am calling it a platform and not an MLM company because that’s exactly what they claim.  Contrary to popular belief, when a company or whatever they want to call themselves comes up with a business opportunity and put it upon them selves to disclaim network marketing or MLM, it is time to run the other way.

monitum review scam?As always, I was in my office attending to some team member when a gentleman hit me up on skype.  I usually don’t entertain such unsolicited request but I decided to because I was extremely excited about some momentum that just happen within our mastermind inner Circle.  Earlier, I also received an unsolicited e-mail about Monitium inside my private email.

Is Monitium a scam?

I wouldn’t say that as of yet or may be never.  However I will point out to you how to detect red flags in New companies like Monitium.  One thing that most people need to understand in the network marketing industry is that it is a real industry like any other.    Therefore Top controllers in MLM can be very shady especially when they are starting off a new company.  I know people personally that have been offered millions of dollars to bring in their whole team from their previous MLM Company into their new company.  It happens all the time.

I quote. “Don’t worry about understanding everything today, just look at the Living Legendary Leaders who are endorsing this unique business platform,” said Monitum’s website at press time.  Endorsements are a great thing.  Just don’t base your decision to join or continue with Monitium on just that.

I know there are biased Monitium reviews out there on the net that are written by people who are involved in this so called platform.  I am not involved with them.  I was simply pitched with this opportunity and I gave it a thorough review using a checklist that you deserve to lay your hands on.

I quote again.  “We don’t sell any products and service, we simply protect you from you being left out on the streets after building a huge organization,” said Monitum’s associate that I spoke to.  Any company that’s building a compensation structure which they have admitted to and do not have any service or product that’s exchanging hands with the public is called a pyramid scheme.  Sorry.

Am I saying that Monitium is a pyramid scheme?

NO! However, the only thing that is closest to services that they are offering is for you the network marketer.  In the legal world or on “American greed”, you would be referred to as an investor.  Never mind that Monitium call you associates.

The service is representing you with the best MLM companies as they claim and you can be in control of your career.  “Just recruit people into their platform.” I don’t know about you.  That sounds to me that they will take control of your career from the other MLM companies.

Monitium is not an MLM company as they claim but they have a multilevel marketing compensation plan structure.  The last time I checked, MLM is an acronym for Multilevel marketing.  What do Monitium really do?

They are right that you don’t own your MLM business account at any MLM company.  The only thing you own is your prospects list and your relationship with that list.  When you build a list and relationship with that list, you can control it and partner with any company you choose without worrying if they will shut down next minute.

Building your own list is building your own empire for you and not for Monitium or any other company for that matter.  Today, there are cheap and easy to use infrastructures online to build a massive list and takeover any company you enter. This is the only way to cover your home business and not by giving control to another company or platform like Monitium.

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19 Comments on Is A Scam? Monitium True Review

  1. Now this seems like a very fair, honest review of the company. They don’t have their facts wrong, they are just taking what they do know of the company and giving their opinion on what they see of it.

    Good review guys!

  2. Yo, I agree with a lot of your points in this article. But I would suggest actually taking a look at what you are writing about before you go making claims about a company. You have a lot of your facts totally wrong.

    Just wanted to let you know.

  3. Folks,
    MLM businesses are like cults. They sell worthless products or things you can buy direct for a quarter of what they charge.
    Kal vitamin Co. Made Shacklee. Noni can be bought ANYWHERE (and without grape juice added) . Avon is better than Nu skin. And we all know Scamway sorry AMWAY.
    Stop falling for these get rich quick schemes and making guys like Phil Picalo millionaires with your hard earned money.
    PT Barnum said it best : “There is a sucker born everyday”

  4. Fair and honest review? Give me a break! Get your facts straight first before you think you have the right to “review” something. I don’t know who you “spoke to” about Monitium, but it is your responsibility to check facts before you publish. Relying on any joker for your facts before you ‘publish’ an article is like writing a car review for Motor Trend after listening to a used car salesman!

    In fact, Monitium DOES have products, and provides a service. They offer an un-matched system of tools and trainings for a ridiculously low price. Plus they offer a protected genealogy platform that has never been offered before. Do you own your Tahitian Noni business, or does your company? Don’t think you can be terminated at any time? You better read your distributor agreement if you don’t know the answer to that one! It’s happened to multi-million dollar earners time and time again.

    Don’t take my word for it… Do you know who Rod Cook is? He is the publisher of the MLM Watchdog, has been exposing MLM scams for at least 20 years, and is one of the most respected in the industry (and hated by scammers). Rod is on their Advisory Board, and says right on their website that what Monitium offers is worth “many times” the fee that is charged. He also says that Monitium has “spent more money, time, consideration, and legal work than well more than half of the MLM companies” that have launched in the last few years.

    You clearly don’t understand what Monitium is offering. It’s not surprising, because it has never been done before. But many people with more experience and knowledge than you DO get it. I really don’t understand why people like to flaunt their ignorance, and put their name on it!

  5. Ola & Shola // October 5, 2010 at 11:10 pm //

    The question here is very simple and you FAILED at answering it. Monitium wants to protect Network Marketers by recruiting them into their system. Why should we trust Monitium? What value is Monitium offering?

    All this look like is that once again, another company has risen to bash other companies instead of coming to the table with real value and EDIFY the industry.

    The only .. I mean ONE and only solution to Network Marketer left on the street in the past is to learn how to be a real ENTREPRENEUR by building their own empire … the LIST. That is the only ASSET that a Network Marketer OWNS. Sorry! We can’t TRUST Monitium. That’s All!

  6. I agree with Ola & Shola . First of all, could someone tell me why there is always the “Scott” types? I would never be on a team with those types. Very unprofessional attitude. We have to remember we are all adults, professional business people/owners or at least I hope we all are. We should be looking at the information we find online for our individual need in making a clear business decision. In helping us to know if it is what we as a individual are looking for or right for them.

    My opinion on Monitium at this time:

    I’m still looking the company over… and out (why I was interested in coming here). Right now you have a joining fee then a monthly charge for the service/platform and Monitium wants you to bring your team or share the platform BUT Monitium isn’t paying you anything. Yea, they have bonuses and perks. The way I see it so far is your bringing Monitium money not them actually helping you. Why I say that at this point of my research is because you are building your team as you always have then they will have mlm companies in the platform that you can join, and IF any of your monitium team members joins the SAME mlm company that is offered through Monitium then you are paid but FROM the mlm company as usual. Now here’s something for you to think about, if your team member is in one of the other mlm companies that monitium offers and you are NOT and later on you decide to join that mlm company you don’t get pay at all from all your team members that were in that company before you. So with that being said it appears that what ever mlm companies Monitium has for you to join to EARN your income you will need to be in ALL of them to get paid from your team members under you in those mlms and all that Monitium brings to the platform to offer. Monitium has only three mlm companies that will be aboard by November at this time. So who is out there working three mlm’s right now? How many of your downline are in all three of them with you at this time? And your getting paid from those three mlm companies now. Well those mlm companies will still be the one paying you the same pay not Monitium. I also have some questions about when or if the mlm companies join Monitium do I have to rejoin the mlm company through Monitium if it is one I’m already in business with or if I get my mlm company to join in Monitium’s platform? Another question is what mlm companies are Monitium contacting? Guess we will see.

    Monitium is a platform/service that you join and pay a monthly fee to make it legal for you to “cross recruit” thoughout your organization. So you had better get in and then join all the mlm companies that is apart of Monitium and all that come in to the platform so that you can be paid multiple times (multiple mlm companies you join each with monthly fees) and hope every one in your organization joins them ALL too (but after you get in them first).

    I don’t see where it’s for me at the moment.

    Those for it, I wish you great success!

  7. I joined Monitium and had no success promoting. I have been trying to stop the billing and cancel my membership. But when you click on the admin button in the backoffice you get a page that advises you that the admin is not available unilt launch in Feb 2011. So if you are stuck you can try making a post to the forum, but who is going to tell you how to cancel with their company? So I am stuck being billed via credit card mthly until I can find someone who can explain how to cancel my acct. Tried to remove my credit card information but system wont let me do that either. SO if you are going to join Monitium, then you better be prepared to stay and get billed every mth. There seems to be no way out…other than cancelling a credit card!

  8. Ola & Shola // November 27, 2010 at 2:20 pm //

    Bonnie, have your bank cancel the card and order a new card.

  9. It kind of sounds like an mlm union to me….

  10. Well, if you look at Monitium or find out just how many recruits you need before you do not have to pay fees, Which also goes for any MlM companies that join Monitium. You will see that you only need four and then your fees are paid and you are no longer required to pay! So take the time and do your research on Monitium, before you make up your mind!

  11. This is not the first time this has been done, and from my reviews many people do multiple companies and need not use other platforms to do this. The first of such companies was called Own Your Channel. The concept flopped when the members of the teams would not join all the companies because the structures would loose in design and the bottom would still begin to fall out. Though the blame was always the model represented, the real problem will always be how many you can bring into the build. With the average network marketer only being able to join 2 to 3 people and them rarely being able to duplicate, this model fails quickly.

    The success of any corporation is going to be in the way they distribute the total earnings and teach the system. My greatest fear in any program is the fear of taking what I have not earned. When I teach the Equal Level Marketing Systems I believe that we in this industry can help more then 50% of the common distributors out there. There are no programs in the industry that can not be supported by a good system! If the system is replicable and produces a good playing field for both novice and experts then the level field will produce the greatest outcome ever. I have studied this industry and been in the industry for several years. What I have found I teach! If this Monitium platform is going to succeed it is going to be because the SYSTEM is duplicate-able not because the program exists!

    I challenge anyone to show me a program that is in existence today that survives without a system! Even making a bed can’t be done without a system being in place. The program is to provide the sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. The system is how and when to put each one on. Think hard about joining a program before knowing the system……

  12. This is some quote I take here:
    From Susan;
    ” Now here’s something for you to think about, if your team member is in one of the other mlm companies that monitium offers and you are NOT and later on you decide to join that mlm company you don’t get pay at all from all your team members that were in that company before you. ”

    ” So you had better get in and then join all the mlm companies that is apart of Monitium and all that come in to the platform so that you can be paid multiple times (multiple mlm companies you join each with monthly fees) and hope every one in your organization joins them ALL too (but after you get in them first). ”

    + Answer: This is false. When you join Monitium, your genealogy is spread to all the mlm company. This way you secure your spot in the company. When you decide to promote (activate) the particular mlm company, you have the same spot at the begining. The only money you can loose is the one they team make before you activate the company.

    Fom Bonnie;
    ” I joined Monitium and had no success promoting. I have been trying to stop the billing and cancel my membership. But when you click on the admin button in the backoffice you get a page that advises you that the admin is not available unilt launch in Feb 2011 ”

    + Answer: I don’t know if you had some experience before in marketing, but to take just a month to pormote something is very short, especialy for new marketer. And if you read the file when you sign up with Monitium, you need to send a letter when you want to get out. And the dashbaord was working in Novemder, by the way.

    It’s easy to write any thing about soemthing we don’t know. Yes I am in Monitium, since a few weeks. With the monthly fees, you get a lot of tools, eautoresponder, email, 800 number, all lead page, and more. Do you know that the CEO Ken Eggleston do a webinart almost very weeks and they have training every weeks to. Before to say all those thing, make you home work and learn about the company.

    I found to many site saying a lot of crap about some company, but it’s always because they are in other company, they will not that the company is good. It;s like a the owner of BMW saying that Mercedez is better.

    The only thing I will suggest to all readers, is to do your home work before saying anything and maybe Monitium is not for or it’s an other mlm company is for you.

  13. “The only .. I mean ONE and only solution to Network Marketer left on the street in the past is to learn how to be a real ENTREPRENEUR by building their own empire … the LIST. That is the only ASSET that a Network Marketer OWNS.”

    My understanding is that any downline built by an independent marketer while engaged to an MLM company is owned by said company, NOT the marketer. This provision has been recently made into LAW by Melaleuca ( Sorry, but I cannot edify that approach.

    It is for this reason that one of the doyens of the industry, Rod Cook (of MLM Watchdog fame), has become the last call (through Monitium’s Strategic Alliance Agreement) when it comes to compliance issues between a Monitium Associate and their MLM Partners. Do you trust Rod Cook? He has certainly build an impeccable reputation for such trust – and he is on the Monitium team. No longer can these MLM Partners use legal means to enforce a monopoly relationship on maketers, which would clearly NOT edify entrepreneurial strategies for the marketer.

    Apart from training by top professionals, a cutting edge enterprise system, a protected and genuinely mirror-mappable genealogy, the advocacy program alone offers considerable VALUE to any marketer who sees themselves as more than a company-monopolized distributor of any particular MLM owner’s products or services.

    Edification is important. Monitium is about edification of the marketer and their network, while at the same time recognizing and proactively resolving real-world challenges that the traditional MLM paradigm has so far proved incapable of surmounting.

    Change for the better is unlikely to come from the top down (as MLM owners in the traditional model have most of the power and control of information required for comprehensive due diligence). Change is more likely to come from the field, and this is one of the reasons you will find that Monitium corporate are NETWORK MARKETERS who relate to the field and have created the Monitium Success System for the field.

    I see value, sense, and the future of marketing in the Monitium strategy. Already there are others striving to emulate the success of Monitium and hope to achieve similar traction in the industry. So far, it has only been Monitium that have adequately financed the infrastructure, IT, legal, university and educators to make it a league ahead and the preferred paradigm of this type (the umbrella company strategy).

    I’m looking forward to a time when umbrella companies see the benefit of banding together as a constellation of entrepreneurial marketers that will benefit the industry all-round and bring many more of us the rewards that in sad proportion has so far not been possible under the traditional MLM paradigm.

  14. Cara Olson // June 17, 2011 at 7:42 pm //

    It is good to be in professional dialogue about this company as well as the industry in itself, as Monitium has truly changed the paradigm of the all eggs in one basket concept and debate. The concept of Monitium is more than network marketing and more than the back of forth about all the eggs in one basket.

    Monitium is about monetizing your consumption and the automation of wealth creation. As mentioned above, when one gets 4 active referrals, the complete system is Free and the system itself is invaluable with what it has to offer. I can guarantee you that if you are paying more than $49.97 for all your tools to run your business, you should check this out.

    Since I am in Monitium (full disclosure) and have been so since the beginning I have seen a lot of ups and downs just like any company will experience. Through those ups and downs I have found some of the most honest people I have seen in network marketing (even though Monitium is not a network marketing company) and I have run into the ones with no integrity (again like any company). What is different about Monitium though is that they are transparent. (btw- you can now cancel anytime right within your account- there is a button for it)

    As an affiliate marketer as well as a net work marketer, I have seen firsthand how and what Monitium has to offer. You will find nothing like it. If you do, please let me know as I will join that too.

    There is a Free Trial and I believe you should know what you are talking about from the inside before you review it. No company is perfect (if you know of one, again please let me know) but I have to say, knowing the plan of Monitium and how far Monitium has come this is the best “imperfect” company that exists today and the best home based business opportunity for anyone- not just the elite.

    The value outweighs the cost and the opportunity brings a real entrepreneur spirit to any home based business. (imho) – Try it out and then write the review as it is free to get access to everything for 14 days…if you are reading this review and the comment, just ask yourself, would you listen to a movie reviewer that has not seen the movie?

  15. Ola & Shola // December 5, 2011 at 12:28 pm //

    Well Cara. Thanks for stopping by to the Monitum review. Its ok to not agree with everything we saw,

  16. Ola & Shola // December 5, 2011 at 12:32 pm //

    Thanks for stopping by Giovanni Esposito on this monitom page.

  17. The term pyramid and scheme should not be used together. There are clearly two illegal activities that are sought after by attorneys in the marketing arena, and they would be:

    Scheme: A systematic or organized configuration having no ability to sustain itself

    Ponzie Scheme: A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. Ponzi scheme organizers often solicit new investors by promising to invest funds in opportunities claimed to generate high returns with little or no risk. In many Ponzi schemes, the fraudsters focus on attracting new money to make promised payments to earlier-stage investors and to use for personal expenses, instead of engaging in any legitimate investment activity.

    Why do Ponzi schemes collapse?

    With little or no legitimate earnings, the schemes require a consistent flow of money from new investors to continue. Ponzi schemes tend to collapse when it becomes difficult to recruit new investors or when a large number of investors ask to cash out.

    How did Ponzi schemes get their name?

    The schemes are named after Charles Ponzi, who duped thousands of New England residents into investing in a postage stamp speculation scheme back in the 1920s. At a time when the annual interest rate for bank accounts was five percent, Ponzi promised investors that he could provide a 50% return in just 90 days. Ponzi initially bought a small number of international mail coupons in support of his scheme, but quickly switched to using incoming funds to pay off earlier investors.

    My conclusion is that pyramids are practical building blocks to society. If people learn exactly how the shape is associated with good business models then they will understand and get over the fear of that one word. A scheme and a Ponzi Scheme are illegal, it just so happens when attached to the word Business Model many associate the word Pyramids. Misfortune to say the least.

  18. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  19. Incredible, I was astounded what you say.
    A greeting!!

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