Can You Make 6 Figures Income With Groceries Shopping OR MPB Today Is Another Scam

MPB Today is a multilevel marketing company that is giving regular people like you and I the opportunity to be financially free.  You are on this page because you are looking for at MPB Today direct sales and curious if this business is ideal for you. You might also be looking at MPB Today and wondering if MPB Today is a scam. I will address those concerns and also reveal how to be a multiple six figure income earner in MPB Today in a relatively short period of time.  So enjoy the ride.


NO, MPB Today is not a scam. Over the years for many reasons, MLM businesses like MPB Today have been labeled a scam.  This is also due to an increase amount of scams out there. This therefore increases the skeptic m level in us as human.  But back to the question, NO, MPB Today is not a scam. MPB Today is providing the vehicle for people like me to be financially free by helping other people.  Notice that I said Vehicle.  A lot is up to the driver.

A very quick way to know if the MPB Today scam talk is legit is to check if there is product that they are marketing. And the answer to that is yes.  MPB Today is basically marketing grocery goods. Do you know anyone that do grocery shopping? My guess is yes. There are Companies out there telling you to mail money in an envelope. Run away from this. There has to be an exchange of goods from one person to another.

The principle here is called leverage. You must leverage other people’s effort by recruiting/ referring them to MPB today. This is wealth principle.  All billionaires have produced more millionaires. Actually, it is not possible to be a billionaire without making some people millionaires.  If you are having problem with the concept of making other people rich, then you have no business being in business. I don’t care what the business is.

MPB Today Product ReviewsMPB Today

MPB Today is marketing grocery products. Basically, when you order grocery or when someone that you referred purchased grocery items, you will get paid. This is a very simple concept.  How is the market for these products? The market is pretty ok. You and I know people that do grocery shopping. You can make money by just referring them to MPB Today.  To be honest with you though; Groceries as MLM products is not the most attractive thing to me. I have seen MLM companies marketing Gold and Silver.  Notwithstanding, you can make money with MPB Today if you know what you are doing.

Becoming A 6 Figures Income Earner With MPB Today

Success in MPB Today requires that you understand that this is a business.  MPB Today is marketing grocery products. I totally understand that that could give an idea that this is some fun kind of thing. It could be.  It is also free to join. This can make you think less of it. But I am warning you now. If you do not treat MPB Today like a multimillion dollar business that it could potentially be for you, you will not make a dime in the business.

You must market yourself as a leader.  No one wants to work with an amateur. This is just the fact. People will not work with you because of MPB today, as attractive as they might be and as great the MPB products might be.  People will partner with you when they see or feel like you can take or lead them to the financial freedom promise land.  This will happen when you give them value. This is a value giving business. What value do you have to offer your prospects?  IF you don’t have value, then you must constantly work on yourself, education and your mindset. That’s a different topic on its own.

You must market your MPB Today to the right people. Notice that I said the right people.  If you spend all your time with skeptic people and negative people, they will take you down with them. You must find your audience of people that are looking for what you are selling.  You are selling a dream not grocery shopping. These are what I called “Hot prospects.”  Let me be very honest with you now. They are not your family and friends. As a matter of facts, your family and friends are the most skeptics especially if you don’t have success history.  You must generate hot MLM leads.

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  1. MPB Today Investigated by FOX NEWS …….. Conclusion: STAY away from this!

    Gary Calhoun has left a trail of judgment liens against his previous businesses, with new judgments even in 2010.

    Check out the link below to see the news story done by Randy Wallace at Fox News Investigates. You can believe Gary Calhoun and the other MPB ZOMBIES, or you can believe the evaluations of professionals and consumer protection organizations.

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