MyVideoTalk Review – Is My Video Talk An MLM Scam?

My Video Talk Scam??? NO.  Not at press time.  In this article, I am going to tell you how I encountered MyVideoTalk .  I will tell you the little I have learned about My Video Talk.  From the name, you can pretty much tell that it has to do with some video technology.  I have read quite a few MyVideoTalk Review and it’s obviously creating buzz..

my video talk scam

My Video Talk Scam???

About 3 days ago, I was on facebook connecting with my marketing students when a gentle man interrupted me with a chat.  I was very busy that I had to ignore for a while.  Within a few minutes, I received a MyVideoTalk email alert from same gentleman.  It was personalized, the gentleman started talking to me directly through a video mail in my email.  I said wow!

My jaw dropped and I started to pick them up while he continues to talk. LOL…yeahhh  right… NOT! First of all, there is nothing new about this technology.  However you can make money with it.  Sorry to disappoint you if you are looking for some My Video Talk scam report.  There is no fraud in MyVideoTalk as long as there is a product or service being marketed like the MyVideoTalk technologies in this case.

So, MyVideoTalk started in India and has literally created a lot of buzz on the net since it started in the USA by Team Effort International LLC which is located in California.  However, if you visit there USA website, there is no mention of India.  I found that a little odd.

The products are MyVideoDesigner, MyVideoBroadcaster, MyVideoWebshow, MyVideoChannel.  One of the very vital things to look at when evaluating a business opportunity is the marketability of the products.  Competition will also come to mind.  As far as competition, youtube comes to mind for video mail especially.

Is there a market for myVideoTalk?  Absolutely there is.  As long as you know how to market. Just remember that this is network marketing and companies in this industry are notorious for getting the reps to indirectly or directly use the service.  With that being said, your focus need to be on marketing the business opportunity.  Obviously and as usual, the reps will use and pay for myvideotalk technologies.


Lazy FAILED Reps Will Label My Video Talk Scam

Now you need to learn how to MARKET to recruit into MyVideoTalk.  Unfortunately the alleged my video talk scam is not a get rick quick and not for LAZY people.  One of the biggest mistakes will be Reps Branding My Video Talk instead of themselves as a leader.  When they don’t get this, then you see across the internet all kind of my video talk scam allegations.

People join people.  They join people they see as leaders.  Are you a leader?  Do people feel like they can follow you to their dreams?  May be you are just pitching people with the myvideotalk compensation plan.  Let me tell you a secret.  That is a big turn off and the compensation plan does not make the difference between success and failure in network marketing.  Leadership does.  The right skill set does.  The Right team does.

As far as myvideotalk, recommend the opportunity to your followers.  They will listen and obey if you are a leader.  So how do you build a followership that just listen to your recommendation like they would listen to an expert.  You have to build your own brand.  Not myvideotalk’s brand.

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  1. Always evaluate an MLM company using the 5P’s:

    1.People – Who are running the business? Do they have the experience to run a successful company? Track record of the company.

    2.Products – Are they unique and does everybody need it?

    3.Plan – Are they paying you properly for your efforts? Or just making you jump through hoops? Do they have a high ceiling?

    4.Price – Is the product worth it’s price or not?

    5.Positioning – Is the product ‘ahead of trends’ in terms of positing in the market?

    When you ask these 5 questions, you will very clearly know the RIGHT companies from the WRONG ones.

    MyVideoTalk is right on the top when it comes to the 5P’s.


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