Is Nikken A Scam? A Critical Review Of The MLM Company

You are probably here because you are looking for Nikken scam related documents.  Here is a honest review of this legendary business opportunity.  Let’s get into it.

For those wondering..  Nikken scam?.

Nikken is another MLM companies out there that is marketing Wellness products. The founder of this company is Isamu Masuda. He based the foundation of this mlm company to five major pillars of health. These are; Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. These are the foundation that he started the company on. He surrounded himself with team of executives like Toshizo (Tom) Watanabe, Kurt Fulle, Douglas Braun and Larry Proffit. The positive to this is the fact that some of them have experience in the Network marketing industry. This is a must when you are considering a network marketing business to join.

The fact that they have at least one product that they market shows that The Nikken scam accusations are out the window.  As earlier mentioned, they market wellness health related products. Examples of their products are Magnetic Insoles, Magnetic Jewelry,  Magnetic Massage, Magnetic Support, Support Wraps, Kenko Sleep System, CM Complex Skin Cream. If you are familiar with our work, you would understand that we normally do not endorsed MLM companies that markets consumable products. However, the wellness industry has been on the rise for quite sometimes now. As of 2005, the health care is bringing in $500M and this industry is approaching $4 trillion annually. This is just in the United State. So in terms of the marketability of the products, you are in good hands if you decide to join them.

The real question is why do people call Nikken scam?

You must understand that the internet is filled with anybody and everybody. So anybody can basically get on the computer and post anything on the internet or on any forum. People who were at a particular point in time associated with Nikken business and have failed are usually the one that calls Nikken a scam. There 2 major reasons why people failed with Nikken MLM business.  The first is lack of marketing skills and the second is the lack of Lead generating skills.

You must master art of marketing for you to make money with the Nikken MLM business unless you want to end up labelling Nikken scam like a failure. It is called Network marketing for a reason.  But what exactly do you market?  You must market yourself for you to make money in the MLM industry. People do business with people that they know and are comfortable with.  So how exactly do you market yourself? You must work on yourself. Read books listen to audio books and master the prospecting skills.

Newsflash: Failed Distributors Label Nikken Scam

The second major reasons why people failed in the Nikken MLM business is that they do not know how to generate leads online. You can not build a multi million dollar business with just family and friends. If you are lucky and you generate a momentum with your warm market, trust me, your momentum will stop after a while. You need an online lead generation system. In this age, it has become extremely easy and fast to generate.

Some of you reading thing, your upline might have taught you not to go on the internet and not to do this or that. Trust me on this; your upline himself or herself is not in any kind of momentum right now. There are Billions of People on the internet every day looking for one thing or the other. So why not tap in to this instead of going to mall and talking all the strangers that you can possibly see.  To be successful in the legitimate but alleged Nikken scam in 2010 and foreword, you must leverage the internet.

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