The Numis Network Review And Why I Will Not Join Them (So I thought)

With the concept of making the greatest amount of coin collectors in America to be banded together, Numis Network is a new MLM company which is catching the public’s attention. Numis Network encourages regular people to earn a revenue or residual income from people whose interest is in coin collection. Numismatic Coins, the product of the company, is derived from the word ‘numismatics’, meaning the study and/or collection of money.

To ensure yourself about attaining success in any business that you want, you must also give more considerations  about choosing the company you want to join with aside from learning how to market and branding yourself as a leader. This lets gives you ideas about the quality and longetivity of the company you want join with so it is very important.

Numis Network was created by a team which have 20 years experience in both direct selling and the network marketing industry, consisting Ian Cordell, Chris Kent, and Jake Kevorkian. Mike Mezack, a world renowned numismatic coin expert, was even partnered by Numis Network company’s founders. I want you to understand that it is quite important for the owner of any MLM company has network marketing experience. This is something that the owner of Numis network can claim.

Numis Network Product

This is the way I see this. You can choose to market lotion, pills, nutritional products, etc. I am not knocking on any of the companies that market these products.  As a matter of fact, many of the top earners in this industry are with these juice companies.

However, in this tough economy, you will have tough time marketing consumable products like the M and V juices. The question that you should ask yourself is; If I lose my job today, would I still buy my own products?

With the numismatic coin, you are marketing collectibles. I will not say this  could be an investment move. Actually, Numis network is not claiming that neither. But what do you think happens to the value of collectibles (any) as the year goes by? If you say the value increases, I agree with you. 🙂

numis coins

Numis Network Compensation Plan

What Numis Network is offering to all its associates is a very promising and profitable compensation plan. Numis Network’s type of plan is a binary system which enables its associates to have two legs on each side of their MLM business and unlimited number of levels in depth.

Let me honest with you here. I have personally reviewed tens of mlm companies if not hundreds. I can flat out tell you that;

Numis Network has the best compensation plan in the industry.

numis network

For every person that you personally recruit and that purchased the executive kit, you get $100.  I don’t want to confuse you and explain into details. Just imagine getting $100 for the people on that chat in purple (who purchased the kits).  These are the coded bonus.  Those money value that you see are applicable too infinity.  There are seven different ways that you get paid in Numis Network. But I will not get into details of that.

Numis Network Concerns

The concern that I had and most people that I talk to have is; what if there is shortage of silver or Gold? Well I will take this back to basic economics.  Let’s just assume that we got to this point. If there is lack or big deficit to Silver and gold quantity, what do you think just happen to the silver and gold that you have been collecting? The value just went up big time because they are scarce now. This is basic economics. So you cannot go wrong with Numis Network.

Offcourse there is always the concern of Coin collectors. But here is the fact. The coin collectors are not your market. Your first market are people who want to better their life. Coin collector’s job is to make money.  So if you go to them with a graded numismatic coin, their job would be to devalue it as much as they can so that they can flip it and make profit.  For a more accurate research, go to to see the price of the numismatic coins. Or, you can just go on eBay.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the timing could not be any more perfect for you to partner up with Numis Network. This company is in a HUGE momentum phase.  For every second that you wait, you literally are losing thousands of Dollars. I am not knocking on the juice, lotion or pills company.  The income potential for Numis network is unparalleled in the Network marketing industry. The product sells itself. Make a business and a wise decision that is good for you and your family.

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9 Comments on The Numis Network Review And Why I Will Not Join Them (So I thought)

  1. I find this article very interesting especially knowing that the #1 recruiter in Numis is also on the right hand side of your blog giving you a testimonial. Very interesting… And the fact that you use the same system that all the top Numis reps use, also interesting;)

  2. Shola MLMbrothers // February 11, 2010 at 9:07 am //

    We are honored to have you on our site Mr Cedric and also recommending us…..I think what is interesting the most is the fact that you went from being a top earner in one company to being a top earner in Numis in a VERY SHORT period of time. That leadership and marketing skills you possessed is exactly what we re preaching to people. You are a testimony to the fact that your “YOU Inc” is all that matters.

    Ps: for those deciding to join Numis, Cedric is your man

  3. This is a strong review…one of the better ones I’ve seen in regards to Numis Network.

    Many of the folks reviewing Numis Network let their feelings drive their decisions and not the facts of the Industry.

    One more thing MLM Bros…if you look at what it costs to get coins graded to Numismatic [and there’s a huge difference between an MS68 and MS70 coin] it costs upwards of $30 to grade each coin.

    thanks again for your blog post.

  4. Ket-Sang Tai // February 26, 2010 at 4:02 pm //

    Hey MLM brothers,

    I am totally with you in this one. There are many ways to invest in Gold and Silver…. bullion, numismatic coins, eGold, ETF which track gold price, paper gold etc. It is interesting how they use Robert Kiyosaki’s video on Gold and Silver as their promotional material, but the fact is Robert recommends investing in Gold and Silver but never recommend Numismatic coins. I wonder if they have permission to use that video.

    I do understand the concept of numismatic. It has its place in the market for sure. However, it goes up faster then bullions in value in good time and it also goes down faster in bad time too.

  5. I invest in Real Estate and have been very successful at it cashing several 6 digit monthly checks. I am a believer in forward thinking and as Robert Kiyosaki said “Silver is my #1 recommendation for investing RIGHT NOW” only makes the Numis opportunity so much more appealing for the mainstream and not just traditional MLMers. Thanks for the great post and you guys take care.

    Wealthfully yours,

    James Wehner

  6. If you’ll search ebay for “silver eagle MS70” , then login and look at completed auctions, you’ll see that these coins sell for around $100 in the open market.

    There is a difference between silver bullion and collectible coins that are graded. The proof of this is the selling price on other internet sites and on EBAY!

  7. Hey Guys!!!

    Loved this review..I just joined the Numis opportunity and I love it…keep up the good work guys..maybe I’ll meet ya’ll at the next meeting or something

    Your Friend,
    Eddys Velasquez

  8. Nice Review…Numis Rocks.

  9. Yeah Numis Network is a great opportunity to be a part of right now especially in this economy. When the dollar goes down, gold and silver go up. And if there’s one thing we can count on the value of the dollar is gonna’ go down! : )

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