How To Become A 6 Figures Income Earner With Peoplestring: A Third Party Review Of Peoplestring


Can you really own the web with Peoplestring and can you really make million of dollars and become financially free forever by inviting people to Peoplestring? You are on this page because you are taking a look at Peoplestring and you are considering if you should join this company or not. Well you have come to the right page. When you think of Peoplestring, you should think of Facebook or MySpace. They operate on the same concept. They are first a social networking website. They are merging the Network Marketing concept with the social networking.

The first obvious observation with Peoplestring is the fact that they are doing what everyone else is doing. I can think of Hi5, MySpace, and Facebook that are the pioneers of the social networking trend. There are many more of social networking sites that are not that popular and Peoplestring falls in that category. This is not necessarily a negative. It all depends on the way that you are looking at it.

Getting Paid With Peoplestring

The first way that you will get paid is by signing up to receive junk mails in the mail literally. You will first take a 7 minute survey when you sign up which will basically be used to set up your profile. After this, you will basically opt in to receive as many special offers as possible. These offers will be provided by Peoplestring partners. Some of them will even pay you to read their mails and enter some type of Peoplestring code. Since you receive junk mails anyway, why not get paid to receive them?

The second way that you get paid is obviously by referring people to Peoplestring to do exactly the same thing that you are doing.  With the free account, you can make 5% of the people that you refer directly and 2% of the people that they refer up to the 6th level. They will also pay you 50cents for the people that join your network. This is a good deal.

Joining Peoplestring

You are can obviously join at the free membership level. This comes with the “World’s coolest” email (according to them) that can self-destruct. You will get limited Video Email. You will also get the ability to track your emails. The major thing about this is that you will get only 5% of your direct referrals and 2% of the remaining up to the 6th level.

You can also join at the advanced level called the Entrepreneur Package which will cost you $200 one time fee. Starting a business for just $200 is definitely very cheap. This level comes with a free domain for you and unlimited email space. The biggest difference between this and the free entrance is that you will get 20% of your direct referrals. You will also make 5% of the remaining levels up to the 6th level.

6 Figures Income With Peoplestring

The first negative with Peoplestring is that fact that they are promoting the concept of extra $300-$500 per week. I am not sure about you, I am interested in making $50,000 per month and I am interested in working with people that wants to make similar amount of money or even more. Could it be that Peoplestring are being realistic with you in the amount of money that you can really make with them? I will leave that for you to decide.

Just like many Network Marketing company out there, Peoplestring are not incorporating the 21st century way of marketing into their trainings. The traditional way of inviting your family and friends can only carry you so far. If you want to make money like the top income earners in the MLM industry, you need to figure out ways of generating Endless amount of leads on the regular. You have to leverage the internet for this.

You need an online lead generating system to really make lot of money with Peoplestring. The leads generated with the system will be a responsive and hot leads. These are people that are tired of the 9-5 struggles. These are not Job seekers. These are people are looking for what you are selling. These are not tired kickers. These are not people that need to be baby sited. These are people that will take action right away with Peoplestring.

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  1. It’s me dubz. I signed up you can too it’s free. I made enough money to buy a cup of coffee for just signing up.
    and you can make money just using this portal. You make 10% from everyone you refer for life. Just sign up.
    I have yet too sign anyone up. It would be cool. You earn $0.50 for everone that signs up underyou and 10%
    of all thier activity and anyon they sign up.

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