Is Prepaid Legal A Scam?

Prepaid Legal Scam? …

I am sure that is the question on your mind if you are on this page. It is possible that your family or friends introduced the business to you and you are considering it. It is also a possibility that you are already a member of this corporation but you are considering if you made the right decision in joining them. Well I will answer your question here and explain why some people are calling prepaid legal scam. I will also break it down how you can be a stand out and make money with prepaid legal business.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the internet is a free world. The internet is like a reality TV where anyone can create their own reality show. Anyone can write an article and put whatever they want on it. If they are skilled enough, they can have those articles ranking high where people can easily see it and actually believe it. On Google you will definitely see people like this that go on there and start calling any MLM company including Pre paid legal a scam. But I can tell you for fact that… prepaid legal scam

Prepaid legal scam allegations are FALSE.

The main reason why some people call Pre Paid Legal a scam is because they were part of the business before and they failed in the business. The main reason why they fail is that they do not understand that this is a business. If you do not treat it as a business you will fail in the venture. It is true that you joined with a small capital unlike a McDonald’s franchise where you have to pay Thousands of dollars to start one and it also true that you were introduced to the business by your family or friend. But MLM is a multi million dollar business. If you do not treat it like this, you will fail in the business.

Why Would The So Called Prepaid Legal Scam Market Legal Services…

The Alleged Prepaid legal scam business as you already know are marketing legal services to regular folks who would have paid a more expensive premium for the same services. The Prepaid legal associates are the one marketing these services and recruiting others to do the same thing. The compensation is obtained from the service being marketed. One way to spot a scam when you see them is if there are no products or services being promoted. When you see this, then you should avoid companies like this. Pre paid legal is not a scam since they have services. This is very simple.  Prepaid legal scam allegation are caused by a few things.  Failed reps… Non self-belief.

Being successful in the Prepaid Legal business involves understanding that this is a people’s business. You have to talk to lot of people to really make money in the MLM business. Many people fail in the business because they depend mainly on family and friends to be successful. As a matter of fact, your families and friends are the one that will doubt you the most. It is important for you to launch your business by letting them know about it. However, to really make multiple six figures income with this business, you need to generate lot of leads to talk to every day about the opportunity. We have folks currently generating 50-200 leads every day. This has become relatively easy in the internet age. Imagine how fast your business will grow if 20 – 30 people are seeing your opportunity every day.  The so called Prepaid legal scam obviously works because there are also success stories all over the place.

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4 Comments on Is Prepaid Legal A Scam?

  1. Willing to determine if your recommendations are for real or just more exploitation. Worth the price and guarantee. My voice will carry far beyond the smallest state in US, given national position. Besides, I have Prepaid Legal. What more can I ask for.

  2. Although I see many people trying to pitch me, but yea, prepaid legal is definitely not a scam. I wonder what the people make the Prepaid Legal Scam claims are smoking. This is one of the few companies that have stood the test of time. I am not part of prepaid legal, but I know people that are making money with the system.

  3. Ola & Shola // December 5, 2011 at 12:14 pm //

    Yes, I still see my prepaid Legal lady around this area. Prepaid Legal scam talks are crazy.

  4. Ola & Shola // December 5, 2011 at 12:45 pm //

    well said Beverly. yes Prepaid legal is not a scam. We have Ladies like you doing it big in prepaid legal.

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