Before your join the Prepaid legal business; A review

PrepaidLegalLogo-tmIn 1972, Harlond Stonecipher started Prepaid Legal Service. Prepaid Legal service is a known company (NYSE:PPD), and they can be seen in the direct sales section. Even though I know they are a popular company, I freshly start to pay attention to them since a lady tried to get me to join the business. She is an associate with prepaid legal. Is prepaid legal business opportunity a fraud? Negative. Can you earn money with the opportunity? It all depends. You will find out more about them on this prepaid legal review.

What services do they offer?
Futhermore on this Prepaid Legal review, as you can probably presume from their name, they give legal services to normal people like you and me at an affordable price. I am talking of $26 per month or something in that range. These attorneys will be approachable whenever you telephone call them during the week. In my opinion, this is a “hell of” a deal.
You also need to know that these attorneys are very experienced. The last time I checked, it cost almost $100/hr to see a lawyer who just finished law school. But here, you obtain access to them for $26/month. You cannot beat them.

They protect you against those that try to steal your identity, review of contracts, tax audit services, motor vehicle services, covers preventive legal services, trial defense services, and legal shield. The identity theft service is not available for the basic package but you can always upgrade to that for extra $10 per month. It costs $249 to become an associate. This is relatively low-cost put side by side to other business opportunities out there.

Prepaid Legal Compensation Plan
Here is the juicy part. How do you get paid under in the Prepaid Legal business opportunity? OK, I will be honest with you here. The payment plan is not by a long shot easy to understand. I will simplify it here. You get paid portion of the monthly fee of the customers that you personally acquire. You get a percentage as these customers pay the monthly services fee.

You also get paid when you recruit people and get them to become a prepaid legal associate just like you are. In this complicated method of payment, you can achieve the following positions.
1. Associate
2. Senior Associate
3. Manager
4. Director
5. Executive Position

Is prepaid legal business the right one for you?

You have to find the answer to that question. Will you attain financial freedom with the prepaid legal business opportunity? Definitely, you can. Even though I don’t like the market for the services, the compensation is arguably one of the best ones out there. To make any good money though with the prepaid legal business opportunity, you need to develop your sales skills. But who says financial freedom is easy?

Furthermore, your marketing ability must be on point. There is a proven method that you can use to market yourself in such a way that people will literally beg you to join your prepaid legal business. You need to take advantage of the internet revolution. There are tens of free methods you can use Online that will place in front of millions of people per day. You need an online MLM lead generation system.

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