Another Acai MLM? RevvNRG Review


RevvNRG Review

RevvNRG is another MLM business marketing something related to Acai Berry and to be quite honest with you I am tired of seeing any of this Acai Berry stuff out there.  Does this make RevvNRG a scam? NO, I am not saying that. RevvNRG is not a scam although I have my concerns. RevvNRG is a Network Marketing business that is potentially giving regular folks like you and me the chance to be financially free. With RevvNRG, you have the chance to make a full time income while working on a part time basis. At least that is what these MLM businesses claim.

RevvNRG is operating on the wealth principle otherwise regarded as Leverage. To be rich, you have to leverage other people’s effort. You have to get paid off other people’s effort. Let me rephrase this in a more different way. To get what you want in life, you have to help other people get what they want.  Basically with RevvNRG, you have to help other people make money. By doing this, you will make money. The marketing model is obviously Multi Level Marketing business model. You must recruit other people that will do exactly what you are doing and that is promoting the RevvNRG exotic juice and tea beverage while also recruiting.

RevvNRG Product Review

I am not really a basher of any company or the product that they are selling. But I’ve got to tell you that there are too many MLM companies that are marketing juice containing Acai, green tea and many of these similar ingredients.  The functionalities are also pretty much the same. They will help cleanse the body and remove radicals. They are also supposed to help in improving the immune system and reduce fatigue. I am not questioning the effectiveness of this product.  The competition is however too high for this type of product. Can you still make money with RevvNRG? Off course you can.

Become A Top Earner With RevvNRG

You have to market yourself to become a top income earner with RevvNRG.  People will not work with an amateur. That is the honest truth.  You have to appear to them as a leader first. You have to show that you care. People work with people. Your prospects will not join RevvNRG because of some magic exotic juice. I can promise you that. They will join RevvNRG because of you. This is the reason why you have to continually work of yourself. Work on your communication skills. Work on your mindset.  Read books or listen to audio books that will improve your outlook of situations.

You have to leverage the internet. Everything is moving to the internet. This is just the 21st century reality. You can debate this all you want. Increasing numbers of people are spending their time on the internet. You have a choice of building RevvNRG slowly by doing the Starbucks one on one and the hotel meetings. You also have the choice of leveraging the greatest invention in the history of mankind, which is the internet and present your RevvNRG MLM business to millions of people in a short period of time. If you can build RevvNRG faster, as an entrepreneur, why would you want to build it slower?

Lastly, you must incorporate an Attraction marketing system as part of your marketing plan. First, you must have a marketing plan. The attraction marketing system is the marketing platform. An attraction marketing system will provide the platform for you to generate MLM Leads. MLM Leads is the heart and soul of your RevvNRG MLM Business. You have to present your business to huge amount of people as fast as possible. MLM is a numbers game. This is true online and it is true offline.  A marketing plan is a must if you are serious of becoming a top income earner with RevvNRG.

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