Salu International Review:How To Be A Top Earner With Them

Salu International came to desk recently and I have decided to review it and tell you what I think about the Mlm business opportunity and if there are any network marketing secrets that you should know in order to be a top earner with the company. In order to choose any Mlm company and make it big with them, you must examine the product(s) of the company and their compensation plan.

Salu International Mission

As stated on  on their website … At Salu International our mission is to empower our distributers and consumers to improve their lives with an innovative health & wellness product line, cutting-edge marketing materials, and a support base that is unmatched.” That is very self explanatory.

Salu International markets 2 major products. The products are Vital-res V and Vital Flex. The blends in these products are Acai berry, Japanese Knotweed, Resveratol, Maqui berry, and Grape Seed extract. I am also going to note that Resveratol is the major health ingredient in many wines.  Vital-res V have antioxidant features that help remove free radicals from the body and reduce their effects. Vital Flex has anti-inflammatory features that help reduce join pains and makes the joint stronger.  In terms of the marketability of these products, they are relatively marketable. The health industry is growing stronger everyday and you cannot go wrong with that.

In terms of their compensation plan, Salu International uses the binary compensation plan. Basically you are responsible for building 2 legs and help your team build their own 2 legs. You are in the business of becoming stars and helping your team to become stars. The only way you will make money with Salu International is by recruiting a lot of people that will do the same thing that you are doing which is recruiting and marketing the product. You have to maintain certain qualifications to get paid on the retail of the products by you and your team.

Salu International Success Secrets

You have to work on yourself to make money with Salu International.  You are where you are now in life, including financially, based on all the knowledge and mindset that you have gained from the past. That knowledge IS NOT enough to take you to the next level. Develop your mindset. Read books. Increase your knowledge of life and the network marketing industry.

Leads For Salu International

This is the 21st century. You have to find ways to generate mlm leads online. Network marketing is the people’s business. If you do not learn how to generate more leads than you can possibly talk to every day, you will not make money in Salu International. You need an Mlm Lead generation system. This literally put your Salu International business on steroid.

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  1. You are right one does need network marketing leads. The problem is most of them one purchases have been bought and sold multiple times. There needs to be a system that will allow the multitudes experience success instead of someone having to be a superstar. Just found it and it looks awesome.

  2. Ola & Shola // December 5, 2011 at 12:19 pm //

    Hey Jon, thanks for coming to out Salu Internernational reviews post. please come back.

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